Date: 23/04/2018


Look at the culture of Nehruvian Congress.

(1) Nehru was not supported and his name was not nominated by any of the provincial Congress Committees for PM-ship, he had became furious when this brought to his notice by MK Gandhi. Nehru was on verge to break Congress. To avoid this breaking of Congress at that crucial time, he was made PM for a interim period till general elections get announced and conducted. Because in democratic country nothing is permanent.

(2) This Nehru made a lot blunders, right from on the issues of Kashmir, Tibet, China, Border, National language, Foreign Affairs, US relation, Nuclear Deals, dividing people by region. religion, spoiling culture of bureaucrats, and defense and defeat in Indo-China war or better to say facilitated China for a cake walk victory over India. He encouraged his friends to be corrupted.

(3) This Nehru took an oath before parliament that he would not take rest till he recapture the lost soil. He and his dynastic successor willfully forget this oath.

(4) This was not enough for Nehru. Nehru also paved a way to be Indira her daughter, as his successor.

(4) This Indira grabbed Mink coat which was not deposited with the government stock. This Indira happily collected dynastic power but did not take the words of oath taken by his father of recapturing the Indian soil 70000 square miles, possessed by China.

(5) This Indira defeated her own party's presidential candidate by spreading vulgar pamphlets in Central hall in 1969.

(6) This Indira converted remarkable victory of Indian army, into total defeat, under Simla Pact.

(7) This Indira started selling MP'S tickets. (One ticket at a minimum price of one crore rupees (1989),

(8) This Indira murdered democracy and divided Hindus by castes. It propagated that O! Dalit, these upper class have kept you under emergency for thousands of years, and I have imposed emergency only for 18 months on them, they are not ready to tolerate. You think how much have they tortured you.

(9) This Indira spread rumors and lies from state. She de-valuated political morals and taken it to dogs. She herself was politically corrupted. Sukar Bakhia, Yusuf Patel, Haji Mastan, Daud Ibrahim were allowed to flourish. Scarcity of every item right from Milk, Sugar, food grains, jeggary, cooking coal, cooking cylinder gas, leave aside cycle, scooter, cement, Iron, car,

(10) This Indira also appointed CM and President of her arbitratory choice, who sworn her son as a PM without following democratic system.

(11) This Indira followed the same dynastic tradition and given birth to similar parties. SS, NCP, RJD, SP, TMC, ADMK, NC,

(12) Rajiv Gandhi, without any reason hailed by the media as Mr. Clean. This so called Mr. Clean happily accepted the crown. He pave smooth way to run away for Anderson. He paved smooth way to run away for Quatrochii.

(13) Now this Sonia and RaGa are on bails. They have broken all records of corruptions and evils made by the Nehruvian Congress.

Now this RaGa is telling to make "Modi-Mukta India"

"Modi Mukta" means, kill Modi at any cost, is the message.

Modi says "(Nehruvian) Congress Mukta Bharat". Modi does not say "Sonia or RaGa Mukta Bharat". MK Gandhi also did not say "Nehru Mukta Bharat".

Now you compare these Nehruvians, Nehruvian Congress and their cultural associations. They are all anti-national and that is proved on record.

Hence you have no option but to Canvass for Modi and BJP, wherever you are and whatever way you can. Forget every thing. But save India from these demons.

Compare Nehruvians and their relatives with Narendra Modi and his relatives.

It is crystal clear.