Date: 24/04/2018


Much of MIDDLE INDIA (please never forget that Western and Eastern India are GONE! We can rightly call "The Rest" either "Bharat" or "Middle India") has remained culturally "frozen" for many CENTURIES under FOREIGNERS who never wanted any change or improvement in the native (Hindu) society.

It's a great pity that since PARTITION (to call it "Independence" is to do grievous mental harm and cause hurt to those who saw their families and friends butchered, girls and women raped and converted, and were forced to FLEE West Punjab, East Bengal and North Kashmir with bleeding hearts & in three clothes in 1947), we have NOT seen any shining or radical REFORMIST movement in the Hindu nation or the Sikh community. Culturally we remain divided and sect & caste ridden, that is, stagnant and stinking.

One road block to progress is sticking to the ideology of "Father of Nation" MK Gandhi, the "Apostle of appeasement and surrender", INSTEAD of Sri Ram or Guru Gobind Singh ji, the INSPIRERS and WARRIORS- even Subhash Chandra Bose, the UNIFIER & FIGHTER.

Hindu nation's struggle for Independence fizzled out in failure when it ended in defeat and vast territorial surrenders in 1947. Celebrating the so-called "Independence" by "Rest of India" (after the unconditional surrender of the "Best of India"), is like flying in the face of facts or like giving lollypop to a weeping child. A mature "grown up" nation would have mentioned "DEFEAT" & “HUMILIATION” on August 15, 1947, and commemorated the TWO MILLION PYRES on which those massacred Hindus (and Sikhs) were cremated. Not mentioning "PARTITION" does not make it a non event!

Not daring to ASK, "Why did the frontier fall from Khyber to Wagah?", or "What should be the constitutional status of the Muslims in Bharat after conceding PAKISTAN to them in 1947, does not make Partition a non event!

Not having a Memorial to honour the memory of the two million dead and countless girls and women abducted, raped and killed or converted, does not make Partition a NON EVENT!

A brave and wise national leadership would have written up a new Constitution, and abolished the "baboo" system of administration along with the separate Sharia law for the Indian Muslims, and, instead, encouraged tourists to the Vale of Kashmir and pilgrims to the newly reconstructed magnificent Temple in Ayodhya and given the status of sovereign VATICAN to Guru Nanak's Janmasthan at Sri Nankana Sahib, or to Sri Harmandir Sahib in Amritsar. But this never happened. Middle India remains suspended in ideological vacuum. The future does not look good if we move on without clearing the social and communal minefields, that is, if we do dishonest or cowardly cover up of PARTITION.!

Many senior citizens are already predicting that MIDDLE INDIA is about to go through a blood bath. Only with the RENEWED BLOOD of the nation will Hindusthan (Bharat) rise like Germany and Japan after World War 2.

24 April 18