Date: 17/05/2018

: End of Europe in Sight with Islam Invasion

Thank you Sir, for raising our awareness. By this you have done great service to the natives of Bharat who have been wiped out in the East and West and being subjected to increasing pressures in the middle (through demographic offensive) to completely vanish from the LAND of our ancestors.

At the time of departure of the British from India, the Muslims had the FORCE while the Hindus(majority community) had the VACUUM. This FACT had to be addressed in the last 71 years by all the governments and the Lok Sabha! Why should the HINDUS still be VACUUM in West Bengal and South Kashmir - & Sindh and West Punjab?

Some of us are seeing NEHRU's dream being fulfilled- the re-birth of Mogul Era in Bharat that was ended by British GUNS (East India Company) in 1857 with the fall of Delhi. Nehru adored the Mogul era endlessly and wrote a lot about its glory but had little to say about the pre-Islamic shining Hindu era or the heroic deeds of Marathas, Rajputs and the Sikhs who STOOD UP in order to wipe out the hated Moguls!

Were East Bengal, North Kashmir, Sindh, West Punjab, Gilgit and Chitagong not the "LAND OF OUR ANCESTORS"? What happened to LAHORE, the imperial capital of the powerful SIKH KINGDOM until 1849 AD? And what happened to KHYBER Pass that was captured by the brave sons of Bharat to make it the ETERNAL border of our land of birth? Today the DEFEATED & DEMORALISED Hindu nation does not even dare to declare statutory holiday to celebrate the day our country CAPTURED Khyber Pass- no mean achievement!

Our rishis, mahatmas and gurus were born in Hindusthan while even the most distant cousin or nephew of Mohammed of Mecca never put his foot on our sacred soil that was NOT defended like the Russians defended THEIR land during World War 2.

"Father of Nation", Bapu Gandhi was expected to repeat Churchill's words, "We shall fight them on land, on sea and in the air till we destroy the enemy and achieve total victory!" Yes, THIS is what Gandhi had to say to his sheepish followers who fizzled out as a rabble, bringing heaps of SHAME & DISGRACE upon themselves!

Divine retribution caught up with Gandhi in the shape of three bullets fired by a PATRIOT (yet to be recognized, yet to be honoured & yet to be celebrated!) who resented the surrender of EVEN AN INCH of our country to the savages & barbarians from the desert.

What EUROPE is about to get, our Bharat got it in full measure in 1947. It is NO speculation or scare mongering. If we notice the border shifted DOWN from Khyber to WAGAH, that is a FACT, enough to rob the "Rashtrapati" of his sleep till he breathes his last. We are waiting for him to declare that "Bogus" Partition null & void unilaterally and get busy with investigating NEHRU's core loyalties and GANDHI's inability & failure to deal with his "brother" JINNAH. No one ought to treat Akhand Bharat so irresponsibly and shamelessly as if it was a farce.

The ferocious ISLAMIC onslaught, in secret collaboration with NEHRU, and with full connivance of Gandhi, was so stunning & devastating that it destroyed the memory cells and guts of the entire Government of India and the LOK SABHA who insist on calling partition "Independence".

That catastrophe destroyed Eastern and Western wings of our land leaving MIDDLE INDIA as Bharat. To realise what has happened to the frontier that dropped from KHYBER to WAGAH will give NIGHTMARES to any patriot.

It was high time SEVEN DECADES ago to hang NEHRU for his treason, declare Pakistan "OCCUPIED INDIA" and write up a new Constitution for "HINDU RASHTRA" to create counter force AGAINST the two menacing ISLAMIC republics on either side that came about due to Nehru's cooperation with his "brother" Mohammed Ali Jinnah on their "GRAND DESIGN".

If those in charge of Bharat today have any decency they will do the following:-

1. A 600 foot tall statue of NETAJI SUBHASH CHANDRA BOSE who would have got us AKHAND BHARAT with frontier at KHYBER;

2. A suitable MEMORIAL to the two million Hindus and Sikhs slaughtered in 1946 (Noakhali) and 1947 (ALL OVER WESTERN & EASTERN INDIA).

3. Declare Pakistan ILLEGITIMATE Islamic State in the era of democracy and secularism.

4. A suitable MEMORIAL to be built to honour all the proud and glorious HINDU girls and women who were abducted and force-marched to KABUL, KANDAHAR & GHAZNI to be auctioned and used as slaves for centuries, who committed JOHAR countless times and who bore the brunt of ISLAMIC onslaught in West Punjab in 1947. Our girls and women who suffered while their MEN were "eunuchs", who FAILED to defend them through CENTURIES and failed to recover them from Pakistan in 1947, deserve RECOGNITION and a national SALUTE.

5. What nation on earth would refuse to EXPEL the enemy but embrace them, eat Iftar with them and call them "bhai Bhai". ONLY A NATION THAT IS LIKE THE CATTLE, that is SMASHED & CRIPPLED to allow the enemies to have a big say in their INTERNAL affairs even after "Partition"!

When will the Hindu tide turn? When will the Islamic aggression be REPULSED and when will it be pushed back to MECCA? Or, will we live watching the RUINS in AYODHYA instead of a grand national Temple to tell the world that Bharat has her OWN ancient civilisation, SPIRITUALITY and even RELIGION?

Nehru's "Secularism" to be decent (& acceptable) in Delhi, had to be "RAMMED DOWN" their throats in Lahore first!

Is it not high time the Rashtrapati mustered all the guts & courage and announced, "ERA OF surrendering, appeasing GANDHI HAS ENDED AND THAT OF victorious, glorious GOBIND HAS BEGUN!"?

17 May 2018