Date: 17/05/2018

Europe is now being referred as Eurabia in Islamic debates,meetings and circles and it is a well organised plan to invade Europe by Muslim refugees, illegal Muslim migrants from all over the world and production of babies as much as possible to dominate at local, regional and national level through ballot box without traditional war and battles but to win and overnight introduce Sharia law on victory as already done in 57 Muslim countries.

The European countries like Sweden [Rape capital], Norway, Belgium [ Beljistan ], Denmark, Scotland , France Germany etcs. would be dominated by Muslim numbers sooner than one can imagine.

Germany under Merkle committed the blunder by accepting one and half million Muslim refugees who raped and molested many girls on new year's eve 2016.

The crime rates are on rise by Muslims in all European countries. In England even police is quiet when hundreds of girls being raped, molested in Rotheram for which investigations are going on but this is happening in every city.