Date: 27/05/2018


Everyone has heard this word. “Blitzkrieg” literally means “lightning war”. Used in World War 2 it radically changed the mode of static warfare of World War 1 when the front hardly moved one way or the other for years, with millions of soldiers losing their lives trying to move over the enemy trenches.

It has two elements: SURPRISE & SPEED. The aim was to capture TERRITORY with such stunning speed that the adversary had no time to retaliate. It was used to devastating effect in western Europe where the Allies were pushed back to the beaches of Dunkirk and in the attack on Russia – Operation Barbarossa.

That’s what I knew & thought till today morning when I woke up with the horrible thought, “1947 was the year of Blitzkrieg by the followers of Mohammed of Mecca in my own Hindusthan of Sri Krishna and Guru Nanak when the Muslim onslaught unfolded so rapidly that we had no choice but to flee in all directions, leaving our LAND (our sacred “Dharti Mata”) behind to the ENEMY.
We were “led” by the revered worldwide renowned freedom fighter (holy cow or gentle goat) MK Gandhi and the charismatic barrister (fox or wolf) JL Nehru whose conduct and role at the worst ever unconditional surrender of India in 1947 has yet to be examined closely by our nation of conditioned and brainwashed mental slaves out to “appease, surrender and FORGET” as the highest virtues of human life.

Recall how our father of nation, Bapu Gandhi, grovelling before “brother” JINN in panic, suggested sharing political power with the fundamentalist separatist Mohammed Ali Jinnah instead of mentioning “secularism, democracy and unity”, or “HIGH TREASON”!
Undoubtedly, deserving entry in Guinness Book of Records, “Partition of India” was the quickest and the most effective ever “Blitzkrieg” when the Indian Muslims, led by barrister Mohammed Ali Jinnah captured ONE THIRD OF INDIA (literally) overnight.

On August 14, 1947 we lived in “Akhand Bharat” with frontier at KHYBER, and on August 15, a day later, India became “Partitioned Indian Secular State” with her Western border down at WAGAH where provocative confrontation between the two countries takes place every evening in the shape of “Changing of Guard” when the two sides remind each other of the CEASE-FIRE that stretched from Karachi to Gilgit in the West and from Chittagong to Sylhet in the East.

Technically our Partitioned India is STILL AT WAR with its ISLAM that began in 712 AD. The last major Islamic offensive of 1947 did not end in any formal treaty of peace but the smouldering fires of conflict in Kashmir with the Islamic forces trying to use it as a new BRIDGEHEAD, trying to expand and push deeper into Bharat with the aim of capturing of Delhi once again in order to recreate the Mogul Empire that was smashed in 1857 AD (capture of Delhi by the forces under East India Company that banished the last Mogul Emperor, Bahadur Shah Zafar, into exile in Burma).
During World War 2 the Allies in the West quickly recovered their wits and guts in order to confront and overpower the Evil. They did not rest till Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt and Dresden were reduced to rubble. But the previous centuries of slavery had left the Hindu nation in a Power VACUUM that was no match for the Islamic FORCES of EVIL.

No Hindu (or Sikh) stalwart has ever said during the last seven decades, “The grand COUNTER ATTACK is about to begin to wipe out the Fraud called Partition and shift the frontier from Wagah to Khyber again.”

What made the ISLAMIC “Blitzkrieg” succeed so brilliantly in 1947 with its poisonous after-effect still seen in Kashmir, has never been discussed in Partitioned India’s Parliament or by her President, leave aside any idea of recovering our sacred soil from the crude enemy that is still trapped in the savage sectarian separatist mind-set of the “Jaahil” Arabs of the 7th century AD.
What do we make out of the charge that there is NO breath left in the body of Bharat to think of the countless ingenious ways and means to shift the frontier from Wagah to Khyber, or to look at the “Indian” Muslims in a new constitutional light or manner?

Now look at the Constitution of “FOX” Nehru written up by DALIT Ambedkar that makes it criminal for anyone to say, “Unite this one billion weak RABBLE, or mob, into a strong united HINDU nation in order to match the Islamic threat to ensure peace & prosperity on the sub continent.”
We should never forget that our immaculately “secular & superior” Constitution came about only after conceding (upon our knees) the full force of ISLAM in Lahore, Karachi and Dhaka!
We wish Dr Ambedkar, whose name is being proposed for the International Airport at New Delhi in preference to that of Guru Tegh Bahadur’s, had realised that “OUR SECULARISM IN DELHI IS DECENT ONLY IF IMPOSED ON LAHORE FIRST!”

And what are we going to do with the sheep in New Delhi who move about in the ancient capital of Prithvi Raj Chauhan, wearing the lion’s coat, who still don’t call Pakistan “occupied India” and Bangladesh “Bogus Desh”, and fear that recovering North Kashmir by BLITZKRIEG will be inviting own death?

The idea of a new Constitution for “Hindu Rashtra” (so long as we have the two ISLAMIC Rashtras on EITHER side of our MIDDLE India) seems light years away to these “sheep” ruling the land of Shivaji and Guru Gobind Singhji!

Is it not time to disregard this treacherous “Hindu bashing Constitution of Coolies” in order to recall what Sri Krishna said to Arjun at the battle of Kurukshetra and what Guru Gobind Singhji meant by “Choon kaar az hameh heeleh darguzasht, halaal ist burden be-shamseer dast!”?*

27 May, 2018.

*When all means (to recover our own territory that was surrendered as a result of Islamic “Blitzkrief” of 1947) fail, then it is righteous to draw the sword.”
(NB: “Sword” can be a metaphor for the many intellectual ways of undoing that bogus, undemocratic sectarian Partition that left more Muslims back in Bharat who can be made to do more to undo Partition, than those who got away with their territorial loot in 1947!)
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