Date: 29/05/2018


I asked a devout Hindu coming out of temple, “Sir, what is your goal in life?” Promptly he replied, “My own salvation (“Moksha”).” He didn't seem concerned with the plight of Hindus in West Bengal and South Kashmir!

He added, “I believe in ‘Ahimsa Parmo Dharma’, that is, to love the enemy who wants to destroy my temple, abduct my daughter, grab my land, and behead me in public.”
I saw in him the guy who would look the other way if a Muslim loafer molested a Hindu maiden nearby or even made off with her.

Then I asked a Mohammedan, “What is your aim in life?” Promptly he replied, “My core belief is "JEHAD", that is, to force all mankind to submit before Allah and His Prophet Mohammed, PBUH.”
I knew he spoke the truth. Since 712 AD the Muslims in Bharat have had only one goal.
Yes, it seemed pathetic that so many Hindus (& Sikhs) still stick to Congress Party and Nehru Dynasty. One is denial of patriotism and the other is the murder of democracy!

Considering history (defeats, surrenders, degradation and slavery) since 712 AD each and every Hindu and Sikh ought to be devoted to Narendra Modi- 100 per cent, since UNITY IS STRENGTH and DISUNITY IS PARTITION!

But the Hindu heart is in agony today due to insecurity and the premonition of what is approaching gradually from West Bengal and South Kashmir. The one whose patriotism is still in tact is crying over the loss of Lahore and Dhaka- and more so, on seeing Muslims rampant- and multiplying- in Partitioned India.

Under the dictum, “DEVIL (SHAITAAN) DOES NOT CHANGE HIS WAYS!” we have to create a national (collective) GOAL for the Hindus- to which ALL would swear allegiance, that all of us will adopt as holy mantra. What should it be?

None is in doubt about the Muslims’ collective goal. So, what about the Hindus'? Yes, please THINK of a collective goal for the rabble that is “divided, confused and weak”- the Hindu nation today, the "aimless wandering cow".

Here is one suggestion :
Our subsidiary goal is to bury the memory of (appeasing) Gandhi and (cunning) Nehru who showed NO patriotism in 1947 but accepted the unconditional surrender of one third of India, including the Janmasthans of Guru Nanak Dev, Bhagat Prahlad, Maharaja Ranjit Singh and Shaheed Bhagat Singh as well as the cities founded by the two sons of Sri Ram, Luv and Kush.

Could the two barristers-at-law not even ask “brother” Jinnah, “What connection does our HINDUSTHAN have with the Mohammed of Arabia or his descendants?” For Jinnah all Muslim females were "rubbish". None was good enough for their "Qaid-i-Azam" to wed. So he rejected them all with contempt and chose a Parsi whose ancestors had fled IRAN when the Muslims came!

The next challenge is to make the Hindus proud, not just aware, of their IDENTITY as well as of our collective (national) goal as stated above.

And why should Lok Sabha and Rashtrapati remember Partition day and night? Because, being cowards we do not wish to recall Reality & Truth that Bharat Mata was attacked from BOTH ends (East and West) in 1947. The need to react and RETALIATE is paramount. One cannot live with Evil for ever!

29 May 18