Date: 07/06/2018

(Indian Army used as mercenaries)
Yesterday, June 6, 2018, was the anniversary of the army attack on Golden Temple in Amritsar on 6 June 1984 when huge congregations had gathered there to commemorate the martyrdom of Guru Arjun Devji.
These pictures (URL above) show the wretched fate of the natives of Hindusthan when foreigners could enslave, torture, rape and behead our ancestors easily. The pictures also show the persecution of the Sikhs during the past centuries that lies deeply embedded in their psyche.
At the time of India’s “final solution” (“Endloesung”) in 1947, again the foreigners had a big say in our future. This time a despicable native puppet, Jawaharlal Nehru, was more than willing to do their bidding in order to destroy our Akhand Bharat by inflicting a lethal blow to Mother India (Bharat Mata) by “Sword of Islam” held in the British hand.
Since India’s democracy had easily degenerated into DYNASTIC “democracy” Nehru’s chair automatically went to his daughter, Indira Gandhi, who had secretly married a Mohammedan and embraced Islam. Servile Indian media did not expose the fact but kept the Hindu masses ignorant of her conversion and the change of her core loyalties.
But not all were fools and most did notice that she failed to commend Secularism to East Bengal after its capture, she did not recover North Kashmir when Pakistani army was destroyed, and nor, indeed, did she, bearing an immaculate Hindu name, ever visit Ayodhya to lay the foundation stone of the grand Sri Ram Temple there.
But all the world did see her declare Emergency to silence all opposition ruthlessly. [From Internet: The 21 month Emergency declared on June 25, 1975 by then PM Indira Gandhi was often referred to as the "darkest phase of independent India".]
Indira (Maimoona Begum) was both autocratic and arrogant and turned out to be most intolerant, ruthless, bitter and manipulative woman. She could easily create conditions to degrade the entire Sikh community worldwide by attacking their holiest shrine, Sri Harmandir Sahib, in Amritsar.
Armies are used against EXTERNAL enemies, not against own citizens who are to be regarded “children” of the State.
The army attack in June 1984, that entailed the destruction of the Temple Complex, the Sikhs’ historic museum and library, was, therefore, uncalled for and unbecoming of a government in a democracy.
Hundreds of innocent lives were lost, the historic reference library with priceless and rare artefacts, literature, manuscripts and historic weapons used during Mogul era, were destroyed.
The army attack resulted in the death of hundreds in the congregation, including women and children, who had come for Gurpurb.
There was great resentment among the Sikhs all over the world since the venue chosen to catch Jarnail Singh Bhindranwle, the perceived criminal, was deliberately chosen to be the famous temple of worldwide repute. The intention was to spread the hurt far beyond those few who were wanted for trial but the entire Sikh community worldwide.
The army, till then the first choice of Punjabi youths now received condemnation. Many people said, “Army had to earn medals by capturing Lahore and North Kashmir. The cowards went for an easy target.”
Since Partition in 1947 the country had been decomposing under ONE corrupt dynasty, and public frustration was turning into disquiet and unrest. The State failed to provide education, recreation and JOBS (employment) by investing in industries and sports in order to keep the youth gainfully employed.
Indian army was made to act as mercenary force of the prime minister just as three years later they acted under orders of (“Bofors Chor”) Rajiv Gandhi to fight and kill the Tamils (of Indian origin) in Sri Lanka.
Was it too much to expect the president or the prime minister to go to Sri Harmandir Sahib yesterday (June 6, 2018) to apologise or publicly express regret over the loss of innocent life of those in the congregation and for the destruction of historic buildings including Sri Akal Takht Sahib. Sadly Indian rulers still consider themselves superior to the humble masses and it is futile to expect them to apologize even for their criminal excesses, failures and neglects.
Terrorists do not come about automatically but through the gross neglect or sheer incompetence of the State. But for the defence of a country, especially the one like our Partitioned India, each life is precious, especially in the border region.
In the case of EAST Punjab the VIP from New Delhi was expected to tell the proud, brave and honorable PUNJABIS as to why the frontier of their State is at Wagah but not at Khyber!
NO citizen of Punjab has the slightest respect for the RULERS of India, recalling their cowardly flight from West Punjab in 1947 like the sheep being chased by wolves. Until now New Delhi has done NOTHING to wash away their eternal SHAME. Operation “Blue Star” only added to that CONTEMPT.
When it comes to the Punjabis, especially the Sikhs, who have lived in the “KILLING GROUNDS” of Hindusthan for centuries, the cowards cannot fire a gun at Sri Akal Takht Sahib (lit. the “Throne of Almighty”!) to show that they are brave! Sikh lads are waiting for the Indian army to shift the frontier from Wagah to Khyber to impress them, to prove their manhood!
Patriotism of Nehru and his dynasty was suspect from Day 1 when he agreed to the unconditional surrender of India’s five provinces to the Indian Muslims. Nehru’s daughter had the same anti Indian policy and instincts as her father and would willingly provoke the Sikhs to rebel. Luckily, despite the grave provocation by her the Sikhs remained loyal to Bharat and disappointed the Musalmaani prime minister (Indira Gandhi) who did her best to destroy the unity between Hindus and Sikhs.
The strategic location of East Punjab is vital beyond doubt. It is a border State, contiguous to two sworn enemies of Bharat- Pakistan and (North) Kashmir where the fuse is still burning. And the Sikhs, with their martial ethos & prowess, have great potential for good as well as bad for Bharat.
The British took Lahore, Multan, Peshawar and even the State of J&K from the powerful Sikh Kingdom that had taken the frontier to Khyber Pass after defeating the Afghans.
One can see in hindsight how RECKLESS the prime minister’s action was in June 1984. Her father had nonchalantly given away West Punjab, East Bengal and a LOT MORE, to the Indian Muslims and his daughter nearly provoked an uprising in East Punjab to destroy the “Rest” of India, too.
India does need a wise Hindu Head now to bring peace to the disturbed Sikh psyche. A few steps are worth a thought on the part of the “Sarkar Mai-Baap”:
1. Apology for the unconditional surrender (without referendum) of the Sikh homeland in West Punjab, including the Janmasthan at Sri Nankana Sahib, the agricultural farms and fields in Lyallpur, and Lahore with 75% Hindu Sikh population.
2. Apology for the uncalled for Army attack against Harmandir Sahib, Amritsar, on the occasion of a Gurpurb.
3. Prosecution of the criminals who instigated anti Sikh massacres after the assassination of Maimoona Begum.
4. Adequate compensation to the bereaved widows & orphans of 1984.
5. Investigation of all the “fake” police encounters that resulted in the extra-judicial killings of Sikh youths in East Punjab during 1980’s.
6. Approach Government of Pakistan to declare Sri Nankana Sahib a Sovereign City State like The Vatican in Italy.
NB: Pandit Nehru did not say a word to keep the holy city in India during those “Independence” talks that soon degenerated into “Partition” talks.
7. Finally the New Delhi International Airport ought to be immediately re-named as “Guru Tegh Bahadur International Airport, New Delhi”. The Guru who sacrificed his life for the defence of Hindu Dharma in Hindusthan needs no introduction for the Lok Sabha, or the President, in New Delhi.
Only the honorable admit their mistakes publicly and say “Sorry”. The dishonorable soon lose what is left of their country!

7 June 2018