Pranab Mukherji at the RSS Headquarters

Date: 10/06/2018


Pranab Mukherji at the RSS Headquarters.

Pranab Mukherji did not stand upto the Ex Holder of the Supreme
Position of Rashtrapati of Bharat.

He made several controversial statements in his speech and some were
rather untrue.

He talked as a "knowledgeable" person about the ancient History of Bharat,
starting from Mauryas to the foreign invaders and the East India Company.
But tactfully avoided about the vivisection of the motherland. This was rather disgusting and despicable. Isn't it part of our History?

He further added that Nehru advocated SAB KA SAATH. What a rubbish?

It appeared that Mukherjee became ethically and professionally bankrupt.

Nehru agreed to the vivisection of motherland on religios grounds, Nehru introduced Hindu
Code Bill and left Muslim Personal Law untouched. When Bihari Hindus
retaliated against the Hindus Massacres in East Bengal, he threatened Hindus
disastrous consequences and even bombarding them. The llist is rather endless
and yet Mukherji has an afrontery to brand him as a SAB KA SATHI.

It was rather embarassing being a Hindu during his tenure in office.

Mukherjee could have done better than the Chamchagiri he has displayed.