Date: 14/06/2018


At one time one knew of close Indo-Germanic cultural relations and the worldwide respect our ancient (pre Islamic slavery) India enjoyed. That is why Hitler chose Swastika from the ancient Hindu world. Germany would still have been a great country had the NAZIS nor committed aggression against other countries under this Vedic sign. Today these countries have gone apart since India lost her original shine and charm under centuries of foreign occupation (Slavery) and does not project her native identity abroad with pride.

Her “secularism” and Bapu Gandhi, and her Constitution that concedes equality to the Muslims despite Partition, do not help raise her image in the rest of the world where they expect Hindus in Hindusthan to stand up proudly like the Christians in America and the Jews in Israel but NOT looking for “Mohammed’s approval” before constructing Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya or removing Article 370 in Kashmir or even officially mentioning PARTITION!

Have we ever wondered as to how Europe, under the Will of the German Chancellor, could open the gates wide to let in millions of MUSLIMS from war torn Middle East and North Africa?

It ought to bother the citizens of Partitioned India most whose RULERS have betrayed them twice and the rest of the world once.

In 1947 India had the WORST possible leaders who nonchalantly signed the unconditional surrender of one third of the sub continent (equivalent to half of Western Europe) sentencing the Non Muslims there to certain degradation or death.

That was bad enough. The WORST was to follow, that is, NO mention of Partition ever again by the rulers of India!

Immediately a new Constitution was written up that did not print the MAP of India before the Sword of Mohammed chopped off her head and arms. The new maps of “modern” India showed the frontier at Wagah, in the middle of Punjab, down from KHYBER! Such revolting ABSURDITY without batting an eye-lid?
No recollection, NO shame, NO disgust, NO need to acknowledge the heroic patriotic role played by the top Sikh leader then who tore up the flag of Pakistan from the roof of the Punjab Legislative Assembly, Lahore, and the treacherous surrender by our top national leaders, one of whom (Nehru) denied being a Hindu while the other, who did not stop referring to the Muslims as “my children”, was assassinated by patriot Nathu Ram Godse!

Those who were to be honoured were dumped in the garbage of history and those who had to be shot dead or hanged to death were honoured, giving their names to roads, parks, schools, sports events and tournaments and even a “prestigious” university in the capital and the New Delhi International Airport!

By concealing her rape a maiden encourages the rapist do the same to other girls in the area. But reporting her physical abuse & violation (rape) will put the criminal in jail and thus save the others from the same shame & degradation.

It is, therefore, most shameful and disgusting to think of our glorious and great “Bharat Mata” being ruled by those who are like that timid virgin who could not tell anyone of her rape.
In our case it is our Partitioned India that had to warn EUROPE, including the Germans, of her HOME GROWN Islam that soon got OUT OF CONTROL and broke up the country, leaving her reduced, shrunk, weak and unrecognisable in shape.

Nehru was smart enough to fore-see his own assassination. Hence he enforced a Constitution that makes it illegal to mention the name of the RELIGION that turned out to be violent, treacherous, disruptive, destructive and even prone to groom, abduct, assault, rape, convert and degrade non-Muslim females.

Since the million Muslims’ arrival in Europe, not one journalist or broadcaster has said, “Have you noticed the new map of India? Beware who you are letting in! Our Germany, too, could end up looking like the “Partitioned Indian Secular State”, or “Bleeding Broken Bharat”!”

So, “Respected Rashtrapati, Sir, When are you going to declare the current map of post-Partition Bharat ILLEGAL since Partition itself was ILLEGAL without referendum or a single condition imposed in turn!”

The Hindu nation in Bharat must face the FACT that as long as there is even ONE Muslim living happily in Bharat, that Partition was a filthy disgusting insulting cheap and vulgar JOKE on the Hindus (and Sikhs) and on our sacred Motherland (Bharat Mata).

The so-called “Partition” has to be rejected outright by all proud and patriotic Indians. The rulers of Pakistan ought to be required to either take all the INDIAN Muslims back or annul their rebellion and treason, and apologise for the needless death and destruction and the communal tension caused since 1947. None can capture or occupy the TERRITORY of Sri Ram, Sri Krishna, Guru Nanak and Guru Gobind Singhji. They were born in Hindusthan while Mohammed was born in a distant desert, a different alien world called ARABIA with a different culture, traditions, language, history, mentality and the holy book.

Man is mortal and soon we shall be gone. But there is something that becomes the part of our aggrieved soul that will live on for ever.

And that is the TRUTH that Partition, if not challenged and UNDONE now, will mean the slavery of the Rest of Hindusthan, too. Hindus cannot play with fire, inviting death, sticking to Gandhi & Nehru and their treacherous Constitution, living in ideological VACUUM while confronting the dynamic and aggressive FORCES of Islam and Christianity that are boosted by their spirit, resources, motivation, dedication and conquests.

Hindus must elevate themselves to be EQUAL to them and not feel scared to death while recalling “Partition” or raising the Memorials to honour our TWO MILLION dead at “Partition”!
We expect the ambassador of India in Berlin to send copies of this e-mail to the Chancellor’s office as well as the dpa (“deutschepresseagentur”), that is, the German media.

Friends don’t merely watch when they see the others’ ship heading towards the iceberg.

15 Jun 18