Date: 25/06/2018


On the top there is the Supreme Commander. At the bottom there is the JAWAN. No Jawan can be coward while each and every Supreme Commander in Partitioned India has been a coward since the British left their Indian colony in 1947. None has spoken of PARTITION and none dared to repeal Article 370, a provocation to all other States, by stroke of pen, knowing fully well its nefarious repercussions and NEHRU’S treachery behind it.

In 1947, before the constitutional murder of Bharat Mata, all the brave JAWANS were confined to barracks in the cantonments across the western border when our India was to be brutally cut & chopped by the Islamic sword and British approval.

British rulers had built a formidable defensive fortification, the equivalent of the impregnable CHINESE WALL and the counterpart of the MAGINOT LINE in France (see: https://www.britannica.com/topic/Maginot-Line)

The line of cantonments stretched from Peshawar Cantonment, Bannu Cantonment, Kohat Cantonment, Quetta Cantonment, Multan Cantonment, Lahore Cantonment, Rawalpindi cantonment, Hyderabad Cantonment, down to Karachi Cantonment. The British feared EXTERNAL threat to their colony from Imperialist Russia.

Neither they, nor the Hindu LEADERS at the time (sleepy as ever!), had the slightest idea of the existence of the ENEMY WITHIN!

Our ancestors were themselves slaves. Hence they can be forgiven to have overlooked the element of SURPRISE in warfare. They were surprised as AMERICA was on December 7, 1941 and New York was on September 11, 2001, despite having the best INTELLIGENCE on earth!
(NB: President Franklin Roosevelt called December 7, 1941, "a date which will live in infamy." We address the President in New Delhi?

“Dear Rashtrapati ji, living King’s life style in the former Imperial Viceroy’s House in New Delhi, could you repeat these words and mention August 15, 1947 instead of December 7, 1941? Show the world that your mother, too, was no less courageous and patriotic than Mr Roosevelt’s!”)

But at the time of great trial when our “MAHATMA OF DOOM” was the top leader, having eliminated NETAJI BOSE and side lined Sardar Patel, then all our pigmy leaders forgot the way the Russians had defended their territory against Napoleon and Hitler, and how the British had recovered from Dunkirk to give a mighty big BLOW to the NAZI war machine.

Yes, our Mahatma of DOOM was not an ignorant sadhu but a barrister-at-law from London and KNEW very well about the courage of the Russians and the Patriotism of the British but could not contemplate to offend the “aulad” of his savage Sultans and WENT SILENT, giving the pen to NEHRU with Muslim blood flowing through his veins, to sign the UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER OF one third of India thus delivering the minorities there to death or expulsion.

Did we not see history’s worst ever MASS MIGRATION then? Did we not see North Kashmir betrayed and GONE?

Back to the use of Army in South Kashmir. Brave at the bottom, being pelted with stones, being killed piecemeal here and there, coming back home in body bags while the TOP, their Supreme Commander has no guts or courage to repeal Article 370 and INTEGRATE the State of J&K within Bharat like EAST Punjab and West Bengal.

Passivity, status quo and “sweep the defeats and surrenders” under the carpet, look brave and secular, will finish off the surviving Hindus, too, sooner or later.

A new spirit across the nation must be re-kindled with the chant, “Frontier Back to Khyber, or MUSLIMS OUT!” Hard nut to crack? YES, for those RESIGNED to status quo and frontier at Wagah for ever.

Lahore and Delhi MUST BE under one flag and frontier MUST BE at Khyber, or all the Muslims OUT! Co-existence with the perennial ideological killer enemy will bring about SECOND Partition- sooner or later.

Tall order? Yes, for ONE but not for ONE BILLION put TOGETHER who are at present “burden on earth”, who have betrayed Bharat Mata (Mother India), who breathe Nehru’s version of secularism and who are watching the Jawans battle to death in Srinagar but don’t expect the Rashtrapati (Supreme Commander) to lift even his pen.

The Will of ONE BILLION Hindus in Bharat is no more than the air in a balloon if we cannot remove Article 370, “go” for North Kashmir, take the frontier back to KHYBER, build the national Temple at AYODHYA and enact a new Constitution for “Hindu Rashtra”- if we cannot copy the Jews to build a Hindu Holocaust Museum in New Delhi nor change the obscene & evil names of New Delhi International Airport and the JL Nehru University.

How many centuries must pass before the sleeping giant opens its eyes and asks, “Why did we surrender KHYBER Pass that was in Hindusthan when young Alexander of Macedonia crossed River Indus to INVADE Punjab in 325 BC?”

The onus of protesting to the Supreme Commander over the MISUSE of brave Jawans in South Kashmir now rests with the military top brass and the national media.

26 Jun 18.