Date: 01/07/2018

The governments at Centre have proved to be either ENEMIES OF PEOPLE or USELESS. Hence the time is fast approaching when widespread mayhem will break out across limbless (Partitioned) India with "EACH ONE FOR HIMSELF."

A nation that cannot honour its dead, and cannot recover its TERRITORY surrendered under duress, but still worships "Jackal" GANDHI but not "Lion" GOBIND is doomed.

I write this gut feeling with great regret and sorrow. At times the confusion of castes, religions, dynasties and regional loyalties seems too frightening. No government has put EDUCATION first for fear of losing power!

The masses are frustrated & "brutalised", still at the level of CATTLE, just as they were in 1947 when the frontier dropped from Khyber to Wagah and millions were forced to flee their homes as refugees but there was NO public protest or national uprising anywhere in India against that BOGUS "Partition" or the TRAITORS who brought about that calamity!

The community to suffer the most were the SIKHS who lost lands, jobs, homes and kith & kin in 1947 and then faced the wrath of Congress & Dynasty culminating in the malicious attack on Golden Temple during Gurpurb in June 1984 and later the widespread unprovoked massacres in Delhi and beyond.

The Government of East Punjab, ruling the State from Union Territory of Chandigarh, has yet to muster guts to construct a suitable MEMORIAL at Sri AMRITSAR to honour those in congregation killed during Army attack in June 1984. TEN TIMES bigger in size, it should stand next to Jallianwala Bagh Memorial for those killed by the (mercenary) British Indian army in 1919 AD.