Date: 01/07/2018


It would never occur to many Hindus, especially our Intelligentsia, that what destroyed us most is the Islamic belief regarding Kafirs (Infidels) as enshrined in the KORAN and at the same time our own belief, held as eternal Truth and divine revelation, that “ALL MANKIND IS ONE FAMILY”. Nothing could be farther from Truth, and nothing has been a bigger DEATH TRAP for the Hindus for the last millennium!

The vital point to understand is this: Only the HINDUS subscribe to the “one family” concept whole heartedly and sincerely. The others only pay lip service to it. Again, the Truth is that in mankind there are invaders, killers, robbers and those intolerant “beasts” who destroyed every temple in Hindusthan, including the one at Ayodhya, and in the end captured Lahore and East Bengal after slaughtering millions. Do “families” behave & live like this?
So the “FAMILY” we are talking about, is MIRAGE, not reality. It’s like walking in the Arabian DESERT for mile upon mile, seeing the mirage as a flowing river till one falls dead through exhaustion and thirst.

We Hindus have seen the mirage so many times and perished so many times, too, yet we cling to the idea of ONE family so doggedly without close and critical examination.
It is amazing that even after PARTITION, that reduced India by one third, to produce the world’s largest ISLAMIC republic, the Hindus have never looked back to learn a lesson, to discover a guideline for the future. It just shows one thing: that Hindus are determined to perish but NOT to learn any lesson from the real world around us. Therefore, inevitably and surely we will go on getting BASHED, THRASHED & DECIMATED, unable to RETALIATE and unable to recover our lost TERRITORIES under the diktat, “All mankind is one family and thou shalt not murder your brother!”
So which way to look for light or the right answer, when neither the Rashtrapati nor the VHP mention either the invasion by Mohammed Bin Qasim in 712 AD (when the invaders ought to have been chased back to Mecca!), or the unconditional surrender of East Bengal, North Kashmir and West Punjab in 1947 when ALL the Muslims had to be EXPELLED- lock, stock & Koran, from the REST of India when the BEST of India was gone?

Massacres in Noakhali district started in August 1946, in Rawalpindi in March 1947 and in Lahore in August 1947 when the “Father of Nation” MK Gandhi said, “WE ARE ONE FAMILY. Muslims are my children and Mohammed Ali Jinnah is my brother!” Traitor Jawaharlal Nehru agreed wholeheartedly leaving the Hindu nation leaderless, vulnerable and crippled, unable to defend our “Dharti” & daughters.
Now Mr. Modi, with Gandhi’s bust in his office, is “feeding” the silent KILLER of Hindus. We expected to see the bust of Shivaji or Gen Hari Singh Nalwa INSTEAD!

2 Jul 18
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