Date: 03/07/2018


Until the day of India’s territorial surrenders without any reason and condition in 1947, I respected Gandhi as a great leader who inspired the Indians to fight for Independence.
But Gandhi’s image suddenly smashed into smithereens the day his Akhand Bharat was murdered by the man he affectionately called “Jinnahbhai”, and our LAHORE (& DHAKA) went to "vultures and hyenas"!
And for seven decades I have remained confused about real Gandhi, his concern for Hindu lives and his commitment to save Akhand Bharat (United India) from DEFEAT and TERRITORIAL surrender. By this yardstick either his hold on his followers was nil, or his patriotism was zero.
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was a “rat”! So why is the whole brainwashed Hindu nation following a “rat”?

Another question pops up in my mind that I now pose to ONE BILLION Hindus on the earth:
“Why did Gandhi NEVER utter the words “High Treason” in the face of his Jinnahbhai after the latter passed the “Pakistan Resolution” at Lahore on March 23, 1940, that eventually, and indirectly, led to his own assassination on January 30, 1948?

Here is that BILLION DOLLAR QUESTION, “Why did “Mahatma” Gandhi, never address the leader of Indian Muslims, Mohammed Ali Jinnah, on March 23, 1940, “You are committing High Treason by proposing this Resolution!”?”

My own view is that Gandhi perceived himself to be a SLAVE of the British Empire and SERVANT of his Muslim masters. So, how could our “goat” Gandhi muster guts to ask their “tiger” Jinnah, “Jinnahbhai, your demand to break up India in order to create an ISLAMIC country within the borders of Hindusthan is not only against the current communal harmony prevailing in the country but also against our sworn principle of Secularism. Therefore, what your Resolution demands is nothing but HIGH TREASON for which you, and the country, will face the consequences.”

It seems that the current prime minister of Bharat, Mr Narendrabhai Modi, is IGNORANT about the lack of patriotism of the imposter whose bust he admires in his office. That does not augur well for Partitioned India.

3 Jul 18
PS: Tomorrow UNITED States will celebrate her genuine Independence. It is the anniversary of the publication of the declaration of independence from Great Britain in 1776. Patriotic displays and family events will be organized throughout the United States.

Before that there was the CIVIL WAR (1861-1865) after which the country emerged UNITED while our India, “led” by Nehru & GANDHI, surrendered to the SAVAGES even BEFORE a shot was fired in 1947.
We wish our Bharat, too, could celebrate her Independence as a UNITED country just like the UNITED States!