Khalistanis,Naxals, and ISIS getting together to break Hindusthan

Date: 05/07/2018

The bitter Truth is that so long as the MAJORITY community remains divided, confused and weak, it will be like-

The whole history has been VANISHING HINDUS THROUGH DEFAULT SINCE TIMES IMMEMORIAL. Once there were Hindus in Argentina as the discovery of the city HASTINAPUR there proves, and once there were Hindus in ARABIA where Mohammed sacked the Shiva Temple and swore enmity for ever. That enmity culminated in 1947 when Nehru, gave the weak and wounded Hindu bull to the Muslim BUTCHERS to do "halal". We had PARTITION.

70 YEARS HAVE PASSED. Yet the Hindus have failed to UNITE and become a formidable FORCE to reckon with. Why will the country not split further if the Hindu IMAGE is so low due to wretched fate in Srinagar?

It is time to realise that when the Hindus become "lions" all the small animals will feel safe and NONE will think of separation or emigration. WHY DURING THE BRITISH RAJ THERE WAS NEITHER TALK OF PAKISTAN NOR KHALISTAN?

And then we have the first principle of IDEOLOGY that- "Peace and prosperity in a country depend upon its MAJORITY COMMUNITY dominating their TERRITORY in a virile and manly manner!" So, let us see as to how MANLY is the majority community in "Broken" Bharat?

Now we KNOW where the fault lies! It is surprising that "Hindu Janajagruti Samiti" did not realize this! (see below).

6 Jul 18

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"Khalistanis, Naxals and ISIS" getting together
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