Date: 08/07/2018


For the last 70 years the Rulers of Bharat have committed High Treason by “denying” Partition. They have placed a bogus “Chacha” and a false “Bapu” far far above Bharat and have avoided any mention of their role at Partition in order to save their image and reverence among the ignorant, servile and timid Hindu masses.

Luckily there are still many Hindus who are older than Pakistan and they are EYE WITNESSES to the genocide of Hindus, starting in Noakhali in August 1946 and culminating in West Pakistan, especially West Punjab, when the original natives of the soil (Hindus)
were exterminated in most savage and brutal manner.

Centre at New Delhi neither erected a Memorial to the Dead nor designated a Day of Mourning to recall the unconditional surrender of ONE THIRD of Hindusthan to the fundamentalist Muslims, only to cover up their crime by writing up a secular Constitution in order to make the Hindu religion, or Vedic Dharma, redundant, even an embarrassment.

The result has been the birth of an ISLAMIC nation, sworn enemy of Bharat, and again ready to do Jehad any time and “go” for Srinagar, and later for DELHI, while our side is a rag bag of Faiths, Beliefs and Ideologies with confusion over the question, “Who is a Hindu?”!

Hindusthan, what is left of her, is in PERIL while the rulers hope that by denying Partition the Hindus will go into permanent sleep and none will ask awkward questions about the role of the then TOP leaders, Gandhi and Nehru who went to negotiate Independence but returned with Partition!

In the West a school of historians and polemicists has sprung up, which for political reasons is bent on denying the truth of the story of the Holocaust. Present day revisionists continue this tradition. They are the academic equivalent of the neo-Nazi thugs.

Holocaust denial (or Holocaust revisionism) refers to the assertion that the Holocaust (often called the "Holohoax" or some similar derivative to the same effect by deniers) perpetrated by Nazi Germany, other Axis powers, and their collaborators in occupied Europe during the Second World War never happened (denial), or happened vastly differently from the "official" story (revision).

“Get it all on record now – get the films – get the witnesses – because somewhere down the track of history some bastard will get up and say that this never happened.”
—General Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Denial of crimes against humanity is outlawed in thirteen European countries and Israel. In the Netherlands, courts have ruled that genocide denial is hate speech, and therefore implicitly illegal.

During most of post-war history — more than 40 years — Holocaust denial has been legal in all countries of the world. It was only in 1990 that the French government enacted the Gayssot Law, which declares questioning the scale or existence of any crimes against humanity a crime. This was the first European statute explicitly outlawing denial of the Holocaust.

On July 8 1986, the Israeli parliament passed a law criminalizing denial of the Holocaust.
In 2007, The European Union approved legislation that makes Holocaust denial a crime punishable by jail time.

The number of countries banning genocide denial has been largely constant since the 1990s. The only recent law against genocide denial was made in Hungary in 2010. Previously, the trivialization of the Holocaust was illegal. The new law prohibits "denial of genocide committed by Communist or Nazi system," with no special mentioning of the Holocaust or Jews.

Holocaust denial is illegal in Poland, Romania and Lithuania.

Please note that Holocaust killed innocent humans but did not affect the map of any country under NAZI occupation. BUT IN THE CASE OF BHARAT HOLOCAUST NOT ONLY TOOK LIVES OF OVER TWO MILLION HINDUS BUT ALSO TOOK AWAY ONE THIRD OF INDIAN TERRITORY.

Hence we appeal to India’s Supreme Court to make “denial of Partition” ILLEGAL and CRIMINAL - the cowardly act of Denial of Partition by never writing the word in Constitution or ever mentioning it in public.

The first person to face 10 year term in JAIL will be the President of India who was supposed to mention “PARTITION” to make his subjects AWARE of the “enemy at home”!

And what about a Memorial to the Dead of Partition? They were our kith and kin. They were citizens of India. They were Hindus who were looking forward to a life of dignity and honour in Independent “Akhand Bharat” (stretching from KHYBER to CHITTAGONG).

8 July 18