Date: 17/07/2018

1. Ban on converting any Non Muslim to Islam.

2. In the case of a "mixed" marriage the Muslim groom should embrace the religion of his non Muslim bride like a gentleman instead of forcing his own Islam on her.

3. Those renouncing Islam should not face the threat of death.

4. Muslims should not have extra large number of children. The country does NOT want more "Pakistans"!

5. All Islamic holy scriptures should be translated into regional languages. The Muslims should pray to God, or Allah, in their own mother's language, NOT in the language of an Arab who lived in 7th century AD.

6. Muslims should discard the belief that Mohammed was the LAST prophet on earth. If God is almighty He can send yet another prophet down to earth- even more than one!

7. Muslims should swear loyalty to a SECULAR Constitution while living in Non Muslim countries.

8. Muslims in Partitioned India ("Broken Bharat") should designate Friday as the day of REPENTANCE to show remorse for the savage attack on peaceful India (Akhand Bharat) in 1947, murdering, maiming and raping millions of Non Muslim fellow citizens and forcing millions more out of their ancestral homes as refugees.