Date: 17/07/2018

The BLUNDER, rather COWARDICE, is not to mention PARTITION. We have "cleaned" the slate for the enemy!

That gives the Muslims the impression after 70 years that they did nothing wrong and can now press for special status and privileges, even another sovereign Islamic State within India like Pakistan. We can recall the PRE 1947 scene.

And sure enough, emboldened by lack of retaliation, or talk of Partition, very soon they are going to demand another Islamic State! We should beware , that is, KNOW for sure, that in that case the HINDUS will be FLEEING Delhi just as we evacuated LAHORE, KARACHI, MULTAN & NOAKHALI in extremely wretched conditions!

Hindus have fled DELHI twice before- in 1192 when the barbarians from Turkey captured the city and in 1857 when Delhi went under direct rule of Crown. What is the nation doing to PREVENT that fate again?

The whole Hindu nation is so NUMB that we are neither conscious about the "Hindu-MUKT" Srinagar nor about the border SLICING (like a butcher's knife) through the middle of Bengal, Kashmir and Punjab, and nor even about the ruins at Ayodhya! How deep can a nation of one billion FALL?

Since every action has equal and opposite REACTION, what is going to hit our POST PARTITION Bharat with redoubled FEROCITY in the near future? It is not merely amazing but shocking that Hindus are not yet conscious & vocal about the only thing that might save them, a NEW CONSTITUTION for "Hindu Rashtra" in between!

Great patriot Nathu Ram Godse eliminated one man but NOT the "leprosy" of his "Ahimsa PARMO Dharma" (cowardice) from the entire long suffering defeated & dying nation!

If the whole world (INCLUDING cowardly shameless BHARAT) accept two ISLAMIC REPUBLICS on either side of India, NOBODY will "eat us up" if we establish one Hindu Rashtra in between!