Date: 19/07/2018

Political leaders of Sikhs have been most disappointing with regard to survival of the Sikhs in WEST Punjab in 1947, and later with regard to the well-being of the Sikh youths and prosperity of the PEOPLE in East Punjab.

INDUSTRIALISATION & job creation have been CRIMINALLY neglected in the truncated State that lost its capital & dignity in 1947. The rulers are all behaving like some SUB HUMAN SPECIE, better to be placed in ZOO than sitting on ruling chairs.

Just see tiny CROATIA of four million people that managed to send a football team to take on France! Just see LITHUANIA, a tiny State in Northern Europe with four million inhabitants that was impoverished in 1991 but now rivals England in prosperity, modernisation and an efficient world wide recognized technically efficient work force.

There are countless other examples of nations and communities helping themselves to sovereignty and glory, and then we have our own EAST PUNJAB, "Guruan di Dharti", with shared capital on UNION TERRITORY, getting all the notoriety for drug culture, chaotic traffic, corrupt ministers, callous 'baboos', mad rush towards foreign lands, and mannerless rude police, that is turning our "LIONS into DONKEYS" before our very eyes! The world is watching the inglorious FALL of PUNJAB!

This is the fate of communities that have VANISHED from earth where LEADERS were rotten to the core. We thought that Giani Zail Singh, PRESIDENT of India, could dismiss Central government when they planned Operation "Blue Star" (unprovoked malicious attack on Sri Harmandir Sahib) in June 1984. And we thought that Mr Badal was a benign "father figure" for the Sikhs in EAST Punjab but he turned out to be disgusting CROOK who neglected EDUCATION (and the youths) while promoting his own family like "Bandit" Jawaharlal Nehru who surrendered LAHORE and SRI NANKANA SAHIB without consulting the Sikhs and then groomed his own daughter for the post of Prime Minister!

We counted zero in 1947 when forced to flee West Punjab. What is our count on home ground under corrupt anti Sikh, anti national Congress Sarkar even today?

Sikh leaders worth tuppence had also to keep an eye on India's rag bag of the so-called "MAJORITY COMMUNITY" that still adores Bapu Gandhi who suddenly "DIED" when it was time to stand up for "Akhand Bharat", that put an arrogant political "WITCH" called Maimoona Begum (Indira Gandhi's real name after her "nikah" to Feroze Khan of Allahabad!), in the prime minister's chair, who then launched Operation "Blue Star" on the occasion of "Gurpurb" in June 1984 in order to maximise casualties, taking the number of dead at least TEN TIMES those killed at Jallianwala Bagh in April 1919.

Don't we have BRAINS to see this "majority community" wiped out throughout Pakistan and Bangladesh and more recently in North Kashmir, even SRINAGAR, and getting thrashing in West Bengal? What makes us think that this "majority community" that RAN AWAY from Lahore, Karachi and Dhaka, will defend DELHI tomorrow? So WHO on earth is dead sure of the Sikhs surviving in East Punjab if we could NOT survive in West Punjab? What are the IMPLICATIONS of Hindusthan gradually reverting back to slavery like in previous CENTURIES?

In view of the above, what is the historic challenge facing the tiny but brave & honorable Sikh community, pushed into drug culture by State design, and "trapped" in decomposing PARTITIONED India, after getting decimated in 1947 and then massacred in 1984 in our own country?

20 July 2018
PS: There should be NO Sikh "political" prisoner in any Indian jail. Those who truly ought to be in jail, are the RULERS of EAST Punjab and "BROKEN" Bharat (Partitioned Indian Secular State) who have neglected the PEOPLE due to their own CORRUPTON, NEPOTISM and HIGH TREASON, and those "high ups" in RULING circles who instigated the widespread Sikh genocide across Northern India in October/November 1984.
We need to ask, "Why NO Maratha was murdered after the assassination of "Mahatma" MK Gandhi and NO Tamil was murdered after the assassination of "Bofors Chor" Rajiv Gandhi? Why were the Sikhs singled out for the Wrath of State?.