Date: 21/07/2018




Please FIND OUT how many followers of the Mohammed of Mecca, who come the Christian West for education or settlement, go back with NON Muslim (e.g., Christian) brides in preference to Muslim Arab females.

Also FIND OUT how many Bollywood KHANS have married NON Muslim females while rejecting Muslim females.

Please ask as to why Nawab of Pataudi could not find a single good MUSLIM female but married SHARMILA TAGORE, Hindu by birth.

Please find out FIVE MILLION other cases in which the Muslim groom seduced and married a Hindu, Sikh or Christian girl IN PREFERENCE to a Musalmaanee!

THAT answers the question, “What is the status of Muslim women on earth?”

Why are there active campaigns and literature being distributed in Hindu/Sikh congregations, clubs, universities and homes on the issue of “BETI BACHAO!” (“Save your daughters”!)?

Why did the IS (Daesh) capture the Yazidi girls and women for sex and slavery? Were Muslim females not good enough for sex for the IS warriors?

Why in England did the (mostly) PAKISTANI Muslims rape more than 1400 Non Muslim school girls in the last 10 years? Could they NOT find a single MUSLIM female up to their liking?

The finest proof of women’s wretched status in Islam is due to their contempt of females based on doctrine (Koran) and tradition. What respect for women did his followers have when he allowed them to marry grieving and terrified Christian and Jewish women prisoners after their husbands were killed in battle, and what respect for women can there be in ISLAM if the Prophet himself married NINETEEN women but allowed each follower to have up to four wives?

It is common to see small girls being abducted and raped in ISLAMIC Pakistan. Please recall 8-year old Zainab of Kasur, Pakistan, who was abducted, raped & killed when her parents were at Mecca, doing hajj! (https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-42664017)

Scared & suppressed Muslim mothers, mostly kept in child bearing role at home, have little influence on their sons’ character and respect for females.

How could they rape THOUSANDS of Hindu and Sikh girls in West Punjab in 1947 after killing their fathers and brothers in front of their eyes, if their own mothers had told them that “rape of each girl or woman is like the rape of Ayesha, Prophet Mohammed’s own wife!”

The fact is that Muslims RAPE helpless captive females due to contempt of their own mothers. Just recall the 100,000 BENGALI females (many Muslim!) raped and impregnated by soldiers of the Pakistani army in 1971-72.

Many of the rape victims cried out in anguish and terror, “Spare me in the name of Prophet’s wife and Allah!” but their pleas fell on DEAF ears.

In contrast, Hindus and Sikhs NEVER raped a Muslim female even during the rule of powerful Sikh King, Maharaja Ranjit Singh because WE (Hindus and Sikhs) RESPECT OUR MOTHERS who teach us right from the early age, “Treat the girls like your own sisters.” It is certainly not the case with Muslim mothers if their sons dream of seducing and raping a female all the time.

Countries like SWEDEN and (Partitioned) INDIA, have already found out the character & morality of Muslims!

22 Jul 18