Date: 22/07/2018

The demand for Pakistan was HIGH TREASON but both Nehru and Gandhi and many other TOP Hindu leaders did not see it that way but continued to appease the alien rebellious Muslims who are bound by the "Word of Allah" enshrined in the KORAN to FIGHT the non believers, or Infidels, both openly and surreptitiously, depending on their chances of victory or success.

If the Hindus are a nation but not a rag bag of confused idiots in self denial, "licking" bogus secularism, then the first thing to do is to write up a new Constitution that does not compromise with ultimate commitment of the defeated nation to AKHAND BHARAT with frontier at KHYBER. If one accepts the same absurd and disgustingly frontier that goes SLICING through the middle of Bengal, Kashmir and Punjab, then THERE IS NO PLACE FOR THE MUSLIMS IN TRUNCATED BHARAT. We ought to understand that accepting a settlement like the unconditional surrender of vast territories under duress, and without referendum, cannot be acceptable for ever.

There has to be a thorough REVIEW of the so-called "Partition" instead of "Independence". The traitors and the guilty who BETRAYED India in 1947 have to be NAMED & SHAMED AND PUT IN THE DOCK, even if one was a "sarkari" Mahatma and the other the people's "chacha"! They were most certainly not above Mother India! Their TRIAL is overdue though MK Gandhi got what he deserved on January 30,1948. Shri Nathu Ram Godse should be declared a PATRIOT and a HERO who redeemed the honour of Bharat and the Hindu nation. "Chacha" NEHRU HAS YET TO BE TRIED AND SENTENCED. His name on the university in New Delhi makes the country look STUPID. So does the name of New Delhi International Airport named after his arrogant and autocratic daughter Maimoona Begum, a secret CONVERT TO ISLAM.

Another question that demands an answer, is, "WHY WERE THE HINDUS MASSACRED IN THEIR THOUSANDS IN NOAKHALI IN 1946 AND IN THEIR MILLIONS IN WEST PAKISTAN IN 1947?" Why have the KILLERS of Hindus (and SIKHS) not officially acknowledged, declared - and HANGED or EXPELLED?

Not to honour the Dead of Partition is utmost cowardice on the part of the Government of India. THEY WERE BETRAYED TO THEIR KILLERS & RAPISTS. Jews have NO secret about their SIX MILLION. So why should Bharat "deny" them? They were NOT aliens but our own kith and kin, our ancestors who deserved to live in dignity & peace in free & independent India. But what THEY went through, is seen in the photographs below. The new CONSTITUTION ought to pay homage ("shardhanjli") to them.