Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Date: 29/07/2018


The following write up is by *Mark Tully, ex-BBC correspondent in India*.

*Post No Confidence Motion. The road ahead.*

I am going to stick my neck out to predict that this ill-conceived 'No Confidence Motion' is going to be the point which is going to be looked back at, as the turning point for the *end of the Gandhi’s influence and corrupt ecosystem.* Rahul Gandhi will never ever be the PM, or even be in a position to be king maker. Not ever.

Sonia Gandhi will not fight the 2019 general elections now. The no-confidence debacle telecast live the whole day with the *highest ever viewership* has put paid to her ability to bribe her way to power. It has shattered once and for all her illusions and mirage of being untouchable under all circumstances.

The stance and ruthlessness of the PM Narendra Modi in tearing her and her progeny to bits is not the polite attacks of yore. It is a clear bugle call that he cares two hoots for her ecosystem or her supposed control on power. He has finally shed his diffidence to take on these arrogant snobbish dimwits head on, with no quarter to be given to her Lutyen’s Delhi Darbaris and their supposed ability to manipulate levers of power.

So, what are NaMo's options ahead to tackle these erstwhile royalty. He is going to make sure Chief Justice of India Deepak Misra gets an extension of 2 years by amending the retirement age, which will ease the pressure of Lutyen’s Delhi Darbar crowd to approach SC for relief against the government. Also, *it will put the Ram Mandir issue on fast track with resolution closer to the general elections for maximum impact*.

We can now hope to see an amendment to the SPG act, which assures lifelong security at public expense to the Gandhis & their progeny. With Sonia Gandhi not fighting elections in 2019, her time in 10 Janpath will be over. Even if Rahul Gandhi wins the next elections (which now is a big huge IF), he will probably be heading a party with less seats than 44. NaMo will shunt him out of his Akbar Road residence & his sister out of Lodi Road residence. That will signal their sorry plight in the power counting one and for all to everyone to see.

The no-confidence debacle is going to have a far reaching impact on acceptability of Congress with the Gandhis as effective partners in an bid to unite opposition. Even though *it now seems to be a pipe dream for opposition to present a united front in coming election season*. Except maybe in UP, where SP and BSP face possible annihilation if they don't come together. Congress, of course, is not even a contender in UP.

Madhya Pradesh may see BSP making compromises with BJP as the no-confidence debacle makes Congress a poor support base.

The debacle has changed the political fortunes of the Gandhis for the worse. They don't face any challenge to their hold over the Congress as the top supposed leadership of this party is only filled with yes men and royal darbans of the Gandhis, but the effects on the bottom rung will accelerate their complete demise from the political scene.

And *without effective bottom cadres, the only way to stay relevant is to throw money to instigate riots, something they have already been doing for the last few years*. A short term strategy with even more short term effects but assured long term destruction. *And that time is NOW.*

So, what did NaMo actually achieve on no-confidence motion day? He essentially called out the empress and the prince as naked. There is now no going back to the illusions of splendor for them anymore.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

_Mark Tully,_
_Formerly BBC Journalist in India_