Date: 31/07/2018

Pakistan was born in POOLS OF BLOOD by "caesarian from Mother India". At the moment of her birth West Punjab, especially Lahore, were strewn with decomposing corpses with smoke & flames rising from Hindu/Sikh homes and roads were full of stampeding millions rushing to safely East of Atari/Wagah!*
SOURCE: Freedom at Midnight (Dominique Lapierre and Larry Collins)

A year earlier (August 1946) NOAKHALI in East Bengal had seen the red hot glow rising from the pyre of Gandhi's Akhand Bharat. No national leader took note of the Muslim-Hindu power ratio on the sub continent- some criminally sleepy lot, including Jawaharlal Nehru!

Thereafter, Pakistan of Imran Khan became a country of Marshal Law, ASSASSINS & HANGINGS. (Liaqat, Zulfikar, Zia -ul-Haq & Benazir, even Mujiburrahman!)

So let us wait for a while before the political air settles down there and the results sink in and "digested"!

Issues are sorted out by bullet, not by argument in most ISLAMIC countries.

31 Jul 18
* It's a SHAME if an ordinary man from Multan had to remind all of the birth of Pakistan, when the lips of "Rashtrapati" are SEALED on PARTITION due to terror of Islam!