Date: 04/08/2018

"Gandhi is no Mahatma" is not an issue of India" writes the patriot in Subject line.


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The esteemed writer says,"Gandhi is no Mahatma" is not an issue of India (Subject line above).
Sorry! Gandhi remains (and will remain) the BIGGEST ISSUE if we wish to avoid SECOND PARTITION of India.

In 1940's it was his WEAKNESS that invited the Islamic aggression. Hundreds of millions of brainwashed Hindus still refuse to acknowledge the role Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose would have played in ensuring Independence for our "Akhand Bharatr"! This ignorance about Netaji amounts to national tragedy.

The FACT is that despite this letter (below) by MK Gandhi, Bhagat Singh was hanged to death in Lahore. Mr. Gandhi counted as "two hoots" as far as the Viceroy was concerned. The letter proved useless, the writer was ignored with contempt!

And see the first line: "It seems cruel to inflict this letter on you." INSTEAD OF, "It is my patriotic duty to write this letter to you."

Please compare the idea of "CRUELTY" in Gandhi's mind in merely writing a letter to the Viceroy, with the cruelty of the British in defeating all the Nawabs, the Marathas, the Rajputs and the Sikhs to CONQUER and rule all of India from Khyber to Chittagong! Also see his last line in the letter, begging for CHARITY, instead of begging for JUSTICE!

Does it not show Gandhi's standing with the Viceroy? One is comparing a mouse with the lion. Those who were ALIVE at that time, not impressed or brainwashed by propaganda since Partition, will recall the might of the British Empire where the sun never set.

That Empire, including India (from Khyber to Chittagong), was captured by them by FORCE, using guns, bombs and swords, meting out punishments to freedom fighters by hanging, by blowing them up by cannons, by firing at peaceful gatherings (Jallianwala Bagh) and lashing or whipping till blood oozed out of their bodies.

Gandhi went the slavish way of "satyagraha", that is, COOPERATING with masters, to save his and his followers' skin! Please see the contrast with the real "Mahatma", NELSON MANDELA, who got freedom from the British maintaining the UNITY of South Africa! All statues of Gandhi in Partitioned India ought to be SMASHED forthwith. The defeated , humiliated despicable "Gandhian" nation, heading towards yet another PARTITION, should be told FACTS, hard FACTS.

The FACT is that Gandhi had to beg for mercy for the release of Bhagat Singh but his plea fell on deaf ears of the most POWERFUL man in India then, the Viceroy. Our brave Bhagat Singh, was hanged to death. Coward Gandhi had to hang his head in shame.

The FACT is that Lahore, where the patriot was hanged to death, where Guru Arjun Dev was tortured to death, where once a powerful Sikh King, Maharaja Ranjit Singh, sat on throne, "went to dogs" later DESPITE all the moral and political "Shakti" (VACUUM) called "Gandhi"!

He was supposed to be an INSPIRING leader of All India stature. In the event he was not even a fig leaf for naked Bharat Mata on August 15, 1947. His shameless despicable blind followers are going to celebrate "Independence" on August 15 next! None will ask, "What Independence could Gandhi get for LAHORE where Bhagat Singh paid for it with his life?"

The FACT is that despite his pledge to defend Akhand Bharat (United India in her pre-partition borders), our country was partitioned in BLOODSHED and Gandhi simply remained a bystander with ZERO influence on his Muslim "brothers". He could NOT save even ONE Hindu girl out of TENS OF THOUSANDS who were forcibly abducted and raped or killed in West Punjab, North Kashmir and East Bengal! Some "Mahatma" of the blind coots- of the fools!!

The FACT is that the big balloon called Mahatma was filled with AIR when India got Independence MINUS a leg and an arm and emerged as a CRIPPLE on CRUTCHES just like the "mahatma" himself, waiting for the divine justice for him that came on January 30, 1948.


PS: Please see FACTS. See the new BORDERS in which he DIED and those in which he was BORN.
"Lakh La'anat (million curses) on such Gandhi & all the Gandhis who have looted & plundered Bharat remorselessly with both hands since Partition!"

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Misleading others by own ignorance, nobody can help them if some body is determined to be ignorant on MK Gandhi, and then says Gandhi worshipers never produced facts of Bhagat Singh.
To avoid reading is a character, they would always shut their eyes.
One more proof

Gandhi's letter to the Viceroy regarding the sentence of death to Bhagat Singh

M. K. Gandhi
March 23, 1931
The Viceroy,
Govt. of India.
It seems cruel to inflict this letter on you, but the interest of peace demands a final appeal. Though you were frank enough to tell me that there was little hope of your commuting the sentence of death on Bhagat Singh and two others, you said you would consider my submission of Saturday. Dr. Sapru met me yesterday and said that you were troubled over the matter and taxing your brain as to the proper course to adopt. If there is any room left for reconsideration, I invite you attention to the following.
Popular opinion rightly or wrongly demands commutation. When there is no principle at stake, it is often a duty to respect it.
In the present case the chances are that, if commutation is granted, internal peace is most likely to be promoted. In the event of execution, peace is undoubtedly in danger.
Seeing that I am able to inform you that the revolutionary party has assured me that, in the event of these lives being spared, that party will stay its hands, suspension of sentence pending cessation of revolutionary murders becomes in my opinion a peremptory duty.
Political murders have been condoned before now. It is worth while saving these lives, if thereby many other innocent lives are likely to be saved and maybe even revolutionary crime almost stamped out.
Since you seem to value my influence such as it is in favour of peace, do not please unnecessarily make my position, difficult as it is, almost too difficult for future work.
Execution is an irretrievable act. If you think there is the slightest chance of error of judgment, I would urge you to suspend for further review an act that is beyond recall.
If my presence is necessary, I can come. Though I may not speak1 I may hear and write what I want to say.
“Charity never faileth.”
I am,
Your sincere friend,
M. K. Gandhi
From a Photostat : C.W. 9343. Courtesy: India Office Library

Let us not divide Hindus on the Topic related with MK Gandhi. We have to unite Hindus to end up Nehruvian Congress because Nehruvians are alive and they trying very hard to come to power by dividing Hindus be caste and religion and regions. We need not add a topic of MK Gandhi for them.

I hope wise people will understand the strategy