Date: 23/08/2018

In the muddled Hindu world there is neither a concept of ENEMY nor the wish to recover the TERRITORY surrendered in utmost haste in panic, nor even a thought over the disgusting DISFIGURED map of POST PARTITION India FORCED on the Hindus as the DEFEATED nation.

How worthy are we of the "MATA" if we care two hoots about "Akhand Bharat" but keep the TREACHEROUS "second nation" in Bharat, close to our bosom?

We NEVER heard anyone question, "What ought to be the constitutional status of a MUSLIM in Post Partition India, who squarely belonged to SECOND NATION then- apart from the rest of us?"

We chanted "Bharat Mata ki Jaya" in 1940 just as we do now in 2018 when the frontier has dropped down to Wagah from KHYBER. There is NO stir among the people of EAST Punjab over this historic insult. None has ever said, "Sri Nankana Sahib should be transferred to Bharat!" It was deliberate insult by Nehru to humble the proud Sikhs collectively till eternity. "SON OF A MUSALMAAN", Jawaharlal Nehru "punished" the Sikhs for having taken the frontier to KHYBER Pass after defeating the Afghans. Not allowing any discussion over PARTITION was part of Nehru's High Treason.

Every Hindu ought to ask, "Did barristers Gandhi and Nehru never hear Churchill declare in 1941, "Not an inch of territory will be surrendered to the ENEMY!"

Hindus need a "SPINAL CORD" in our Belief system INSTEAD OF THE JELLY that we have now, as well as an idea of PERMANENT INTEREST of the Hindu nation, to be pursued collectively and rigorously at all times.

23 Aug 18