"Colonization of Pakistan" by Chinese Begins + "Pakistanis are our slaves" - claims Saudi Defence Minister

Date: 24/08/2018

Dear Sir,
Thank you for this posting about breakaway rebellious orphan (motherless) PAKISTAN that reminds us of the saying, "Dhobi ka KUTTA na ghar ka na ghat ka!"
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My own place of birth was captured by force & in cruelty, and bloodshed, by the followers of a very violent man who was born some 1500 years ago in a distant foreign desert. He hated every civilised decent man and degraded every girl and woman he and his followers could capture after killing their menfolk- something we saw his fanatic followers doing to our own females on a large scale during PARTITION in 1947. Government of India has yet to publish a full account of that "Partition"! They have made it a STATE SECRET of crooks.

But how wretched are the Pakistanis living in West Punjab who speak Panjabi at home and have COMMON ancestors with us, but pray in Arabic! How unfortunate and cursed are they in ignorance ("Jehaalat") who cannot accept Guru Nanak Dev as the LAST MESSENGER of God on earth just because he was "desi" (native), thus inferior, but Mohammed, being a FOREIGNER, even from desert and wilderness, was, therefore, much superior.

Millions of NATIVES in South Asia, especially PAKISTAN, have Himalayan sized INFERIORITY COMPLEX, being reinforced day and night by Maulvis, Mullahs and Maulanas, that for centuries to come they will sing the praises of the Prophet of ARABS (and those unfortunate people who had NO "Son of God", or Rasul Allah, of their own), putting him on much higher pedestal of divinity than the genuine LAST Prophet of God, GURU NANAK, just because he was born in Hindusthan and preached universal love and peace all his life but did not have an army of fanatic KILLERS to enforce his claim to divinity ON THE DEFEATED.

Every MUSLIM in Hindusthan has a vast choice of GENUINE Prophets of God from Sri Krishna, Sri Ram, Mahatma Buddha and Guru Nanak to Guru Gobind Singhji and NONE has to swear loyalty, as a mental and spiritual SERF or SLAVE, to any FOREIGNER who was not fortunate enough to call Bharat his "MATA".

Don't we wish that we removed OUR OWN INFERIORITY COMPLEX first, and could tell every MOHAMMEDAN in Hindusthan, point blank in his face, not to put any FOREIGNER above the NATIVE.

If we do not believe in this ourselves, then we are broadcasting to the world that we are an INFERIOR race who never had our own divine SAVIOUR at par with theirs. In the past centuries of slavery, we learnt about the martyrdom of Hassan and Hussain but NOT of the two younger sons of Guru Gobind Singhji who showed the COURAGE & CONVICTION, to reject FOREIGN Islam outright in the face of the mighty Governor of Sarhind knowing fully well that it meant their death since Islam in those days came to our ancestors with the threat of "ISLAM OR DEATH!". The natives were gentle and CIVILISED while the foreigners & INVADERS, were savage, brutal and violent.

The signs of a powerful new NATIVE (one may call it "HINDU") resurgence, being ROUSED by the long neglected & suppressed spirit of Netaji BOSE, mobilising the masses towards the new STRUGGLE for the Liberation of Hindus from the SHACKLES of Nehruvian Secularism that gave LAHORE to Mohammed of ARABIA but did not cater for the reconstruction of Sri Ram temple in Ayodhay nor grant of Vatican like status to the sacred city of Sri NANKANA SAHIB, are becoming clearly visible now.

Those who are OVER 75, who were born during the British rule, only to be promptly re-enslaved and badly BRAINWASHED by anti Hindu corrupt NEHRU & his DYNASTY, will now breathe their last in peace in the knowledge that the Hindu in Hindusthan tomorrow will put every prophet or divine soul, born on the fertile sacred soil of Hindusthan, FAR ABOVE those born ABROAD. The era of mental slavery and ingrained inferiority complex is fast winding up.

A new Constitution for HINDU Rashtra should be written up immediately so that everyone living in Hindusthan will know who the LAST Rasul Allah on earth was!


24 August 2018

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Subject: "Colonization of Pakistan" by Chinese Begins + "Pakistanis are our slaves" - claims Saudi Defence Minister

"Colonization of Pakistan" by Chinese Begins + "Pakistanis are our slaves" - claims Saudi Defence Minister