Date: 27/08/2018


Out of five ancient civilisations, INCA, ROMAN, EGYPTIAN, INDIAN & CHINESE, only the Chinese have survived unscathed till today and, weathering storms & invasions, gone from strength to strength.
The former three have been replaced or wiped out by the intolerant fanatic invaders from the Middle East while the Indian (HINDU) civilisation has survived albeit seriously wounded, bashed & battered, with a “thousand (bleeding) cuts” all over the body with the future still looking uncertain if we do not have a strong presence even in Srinagar nor see the world’s finest and the grandest Temple in Ayodhya come up by now!

What we went through in 1947 was something like the repeat of invasions by Mahmud of Ghazni and Ahmed Shah Abdali- unprecedented destruction, mayhem, loot, abduction, rape, and millions slaughtered and tens of millions forced to flee as wretched refugees in their own country.

In a genuine Civilisation they would have been recorded, remembered, celebrated and honoured. But our so-called HINDU “civilisation” is maintaining “Silence of the Dead” over them! Why? PERHAPS IT IS ALREADY DEAD.

We see most Hindus have simply given up after trying to defend it, often from far more motivated and committed invaders from the Middle East who, like Aurangzeb, can’t seem to sleep peacefully unless they have converted a Hindu. (Emperor’s soldiers used to convert a hundred thousand Hindus every day, invariably under the threat, “Islam or death?”)

Yet, neither in the previous centuries, nor in the latest case did our leaders ever sit together with just one question, “How to ensure that the Hindu civilisation does not disappear like the Egyptian and the Inca civilisations for ever?”

In 1947 a despicable “sarkari stooge”, Jawaharlal Nehru, a MUSLIM by genes, took over the country to rule like an autocrat with full power to change our very core BELIEF, from Hindu Dharma to Secularism!
What he could not attack OPENLY like Babur or Aurangzeb, he did indirectly, i.e., constitutionally! Nehru’s Constitution does not see, or recognize, any Hindu in Hindusthan!
Nehru was not only a cunning and clever barrister (basta*d) but also most crafty anti Hindu WOLF in the coat of a SHEEP!

Hindus, like the cattle, reposed full confidence in him- to the extent that when he accepted Partition NONE beheaded him or shot him dead for his High Treason though he, in turn, as an active player at Partition Talks, considered them all cattle and even “beheaded” Akhand Bharat!

Yet at that time all ADORING EYES were on his PERSONAL GLORY and his shirt washed in Paris, but none on the plight of the mutilated bleeding ”Bharat Mata” and the millions of refugees!
Despite PARTITION Nehru kept the ENEMY back in Bharat and granted them full citizenship rights at par with the rest of us! A more brazen insult & mistrust of the native and trust and honour for the enemy cannot be imagined!

By officially “converting” us ALL to Secularism he made the Muslims in our midst “vanish” as if by magic!

With Bharat under the foot of Nehru the word “Hindu” fell out of fashion and our most sacred Temple was doomed to remain a RUIN.

71 years later, and four years since the coming of Mr Modi to power, it still is a RUIN! Some Hindu vitality! Some Hindu Shakti! Some Hindu care for our national IMAGE. Some Hindu concern for Hindu CIVILISATION!

Question for all HINDUS, living East of WAGAH, and the NRI’s to the West: “What will you do to restore and safeguard the Indian (HINDU) civilisation, to ensure its sovereignty, power and “Shakti” over its own TERRITORY, and survival, when we see that our PARTITONED India has MORE Muslims now than in the “AKHAND BHARAT” of 1947?”

We should tell all, “With vast TERRITORY gone and countless SOULS going, and with none prepared to lift a finger, our HINDU Civilisation is vanishing finally from the earth.

It is DEAD in Lahore and hanging by the skin of its teeth in Delhi. It is DYING from North Kashmir to South Kerala. Time to put all heads together and motivate the others to ACTION!

The ship “SS Hindu” is drawing water through a thousand holes called “Rahul, Sonia, Oweisi and so on”, and SINKING. We know who is for and who is against Akhand Bharat and who has dumped it like garbage. So let us encourage ourselves that WHAT IS LOST CAN ALSO BE FOUND.

Hindu CIVILISATION must rise again on earth and tolerate NO rival (unwelcome uncivilised 'intruder / marauder' from the desert) in South Asia! For PEACE & PROSPERITY at last ours must be "Muslim Mukt" sub continent- truly HINDU civilisation!

28 Aug 2018