The Big British Asian Summer

Date: 28/08/2018

Dear BBC,

Thank you for this information. You have done a great job. The term "Asian" does suppress the INDIAN and PAKISTANI identities. In the USA "Asian" means the Chinese!

I really appreciate your coverage of PARTITION of India over which there is the "SILENCE OF COWARDS" in New Delhi.

Britain, the mighty ruling power then, has also to explain as to how she inflicted on the ignorant millions (Partition on the sole basis of RELIGION) what they will never accept here in the UNITED Kingdom, that is, PARTITION of this country between MUSLIMS and "THE REST"- on the SOLE basis of religion, with LONDON surrendered to the Muslims!

No prime minister or president of India has ever told their captive subjects as to why LAHORE was surrendered UNCONDITIONALLY to the Indian Muslims (All-India Muslim League led by Mohammed Ali Jinnah, who treacherously attacked his own land of birth to take out Pakistan, thus destroying the peace on the sub continent for ever!) in 1947- only to see its Hindu and Sikh inhabitants butchered or expelled to the last man and woman! ("Freedom at Midnight" by Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre).

And NO PAKISTANI prime minister or president has ever thought of the betrayal of the hundreds of millions of Muslims by Mr Jinnah still living in 'Hindu (KAFIR) Majority' India since Partition! Their potential to turn the land of gods and goddesses (what is left of India) into Islamic State (Daesh) is on nobody's mind! Perhaps that gigantic human catastrophe is now a foregone conclusion for many in the West, including the UNO!

As long Lahore and Delhi are in two different countries the Hindus will remain extinct in Pakistan like dodo and the Muslims in Delhi will live under the dark shadow of suspicion of traitors for ever. Taking Lahore out of the body of India is not as insignificant as taking a fly out of a cup of tea! There WILL BE consequences, including all-out NUCLEAR war.

The fate of Lahore, like that of the Punjab (now divided into East and West), has been sealed. The gods above are angry. It is the city where Guru Arjun Dev was tortured to martyrdom (1606). Not far from Lahore is Sri Nankana Sahib, the birthplace of Guru Nanak Dev, as holy and significant to the Sikhs as Mecca is to the Muslims! An event as cruel, illogical, sectarian and senseless as Partition of India (without any condition or referendum) has loaded up enough ideological EXPLOSIVE in the atmosphere and charged enough NEGATIVE energy as to give many natives restless nights.

The fate of Delhi has yet to be decided! To FIGHT for Islam was easier for the Muslims than to fight for SECULARISM for the Hindus! (What further proof than the performance of the two communities in 1947?)

It is due to lack of competence, tolerance, vision and fore-sight, even courage and patriotism, on BOTH sides (India and Pakistan) that the "paradise" called KASHMIR resembles HELL on earth today! In the last 70 years the State could have been developed like SWITZERLAND with the tourists from all over the world enjoying their holidays!

Best wishes

29 Aug 18

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