Date: 31/08/2018


Normally top bodies, individuals and organizations behave correctly and none finds it necessary to criticize them.

But do not live in false impression. UNO can be even more rotten than the MAHATMA we had. Under his command one third of India vanished from the map and yet he blamed the Hindus for provoking the Muslims!

Now to UNO: They are all sticking together to put the Burmese generals in jail. They care two hoots as to how loyal can a Mohammedan be to a Hindu or Buddhist country, described as “Land of KUFR” when schizophrenic Allah dictated his Koran.

And where have these Rohingya Muslims come from? They were sent by the British rulers to serve their commercial and political interests just as they sent the Indians to Fiji, Hong Kong and Uganda and the Tamils to Sri Lanka, eventually to be killed, raped and forced to flee, with UN looking the other way .

UNO never demanded the arrest and trial of Idi Amin and Col Rabuka, nor of the Government of Sri Lanka when Tamils were being massacred.

And where was UNO when MUSLIMS were carrying out ethnic cleansing in West Punjab, or when the Hindus were massacred in Malabar and NOAKHALI?

When 2000 Muslims were killed in Gujerat the UNO took notice and the USA barred the chief minister, Mr Modi’s entry into that country. But the Pakistani rulers were welcome in Washington after they watched TWO MILLION Hindus and Sikhs being killed in 1947 without intervening.

And did the UNO call for arrest of prime minister Rajiv Gandhi who watched the Sikhs massacred all around him but merely remarked, “In the storm leaves of a tree fall down!” To him the Sikh lives were worth dry leaves falling off the trees, yet UNO did not take him to task or put him in jail.
We say this point blank to UNO: “Hindu, Christian, Yazidi and Sikh life is AS VALUABLE as that of a Rohingya Muslim. If you do want to act decently, honourably and in the interest of peace on the sub continent, then ISSUE ARREST WARRANTS OF ALL THOSE WHO OPPOSE THE END TO INDIA’S BOGUS PARTITION.
“Can YOU not, as UNO, ensure that India got back her frontiers of 1947 and the Muslims ordered to behave as they did till the British foot lifted from the sub continent?”

Raising your inner profile from mouse to elephant, and raising yourselves from myopic favoritism to universal outlook, you will deserve the best PEACE & RECONCILIATION PRIZE in history by ending the mutual hostility and rivalry among the three fragments that were ONE country till 1947. The label of “Terrorist State” will also vanish from Pakistan and peace will come back to Kashmir!”

“Hello UNO, are you brave and honest enough to accept this man’s challenge to earn your fat salaries? Do you really love the Buddhists of Myanmar and the Hindus of Bharat AS MUCH AS you love the Muslims? Do you want to see peace on the sub continent?”

Order that bogus and mischievous Partition of India to end. IF NOT YOU, WHO ELSE THEN? (UNLESS YOU ARE WAITING FOR THE NUCLEAR ALL-OUT WAR when you will recruit more staff on double salary and retire on fat pensions!”

31 Aug 18