bungalow on illegally grabbed land

Date: 02/09/2018

Arundhati Roy’s bungalow on illegally grabbed forest land

Dear cccccc,

Government must be useless if someone can make bungalow on ILLEGALLY grabbed land.
And that is where all the blame lies. If the government is USELESS then all ills of society will flow from it.

We NEVER expected that Mr Modi's government will be so weak, unable to ensure LEGALLY acquired lands for housing. We never knew that a lot of ILLEGAL bungalows and homes are still occupied by the old Dynasty's bigwigs instead of them all being thrown in JAIL.

The rot starts with the Captain of the ship. In our case, objectively seen, it has to be Mr. MODI, though he is the best man available to our nation right now.

What a pity that the BEST man to lead our nation to Independence in 1947 was MK Gandhi who was too prompt to surrender India to the ENEMY under the motto, "Possession is evil, "TYAAG" is virtue!"

There went our West Punjab and East Bengal- all sacrificed on the altar of TYAAG (renunciation)! A morally superior Hindu emerged, badly robbed & shaken, minus clothes, home, wife and his daughters, fleeing for safety east of Wagah.

There should be NO "illegally grabbed land" anywhere in Bharat unless the Lok Sabha there has failed to progress to human stage from the level of cattle.
And if the Lok Sabha don’t wake up, DELHI, too, will vanish from the map of Bharat like LAHORE.
Today it is not only Arundhati Roy's bungalow on ILLEGALLY GRABBED LAND, the whole of Pakistan, too, is on ILLEGALLY GRABBED land since Partition without referendum, and wholesale EXPULSIOIN of Muslims, was ILLEGAL, too.