Indian Muslims much safer than Muslims in Islamic countries

Date: 04/09/2018

Saudi woman’s response to anti-Indians is going viral! She says ‘Indian Muslims much safer than Muslims in Islamic countries’


TTHE MORE THE MUSLIMS FEEL SAFE IN INDIA, THE MORE MUST THE HINDUS ("but-prast" KAFIRS) FEAR FOR THEIR LIVES IN INDIA. The ideological divide that began in 7th century AD is deeper and more dangerous now than ever before since Partitioned India is a lot more WEAKER and VULNERABLE than united "Akhand Bharat" before, and the "Kafir killer has tasted Hindu blood"!

Our Muslim fellow citizens have not discarded two cardinal commandments of their Faith, dictated by Allah, "TABLEEGH & JEHAD" that are like a dagger pressed against the Hindu BODY. With this knowledge alone the Hindus, confined to Partitioned India, should RUN FOR COVER despite what this good Arab woman says! We do know, though don't mention, that at Partition our Hindu nation was like a headless chicken, unable even to flutter. We had Jawaharlal Nehru and MK Gandhi, foes in the garb of friends, who drained off the remaining blood, too.

Please think over it. THE MUSLIMS WERE THE HAPPIEST IN INDIA IN 1947 when they captured LAHORE laughing, and served notice on SRINAGAR and DELHI, too. Earlier they came from Iran, Afghanistan, Arabia and Turkey to invade, kill, abduct, rape, rob and convert. In 1947 they rose from WITHIN, increasing the danger of Delhi going the way of LAHORE eventually!

No nation on earth is so naïve as the Hindus that are close to EXTINCTION in South Asia now. The idea of challenging that bogus, undemocratic and sectarian Partition is on NOBODY'S mind. As individuals the Hindus are "lions" but COLLECTIVELY speaking, we are weaker than one sick goat. Jews do discuss Holocaust but NO Hindu, not even the President and his Peon, is prepared to discuss Partition!

Collectively, we could not fight back Partition. Collectively, we cannot raise the most important Temple, the national icon, in Ayodhya, and collectively, we FIZZLE OUT when there is desperate need of a new Constitution.

Individually, a Hindu is a devout devotee of Dharma and Sri Krishna but COLLECTIVELY there is no breath left to turn our "ideological secular mongrel, all-appeasing" ANTI HINDU mixture ("kitcheree") into HINDU RASHTRA with clear identity, martial "Shakti" and compulsory military training.

Ideologically, we are standing on such THIN ICE that one statement by an Arab woman is enough to throw all the complacent Hindus OFF GUARD and drown us in icy waters, ready to surrender Delhi, too. Yet the woman does not know that the Hindu nation is fully reconciled to the new frontier of their ancient Land of Divinity at WAGAH (compromise of the cowards with defeat & humiliation) instead of KHYBER (with pride & "Gaurav") where it rightly and eternally belongs. She does not know but WE DO!

Has the statement of one (just one) Arab woman put the entire leaderless Hindu "jagat" ("headless chicken") to eternal sleep with sweet dreams?

4 Sep 18