Date: 04/09/2018

It is becoming clear that the conquerors destroyed all Hindu institutions so the nation is helpless INDIVIDUALS but not a united body as if from the Hindu chest RIBS & bones have been taken out leaving only (jelly like) flesh behind.

There is dire need to CREATE or REVIVE the institutions that help WELD the nation together, that give PRIDE and IDENTITY, that raise awareness, and that produce proper wise, bold and motivated LEADERSHIP for the future.

Hindu nation in 1947 was a HEADLESS CHICKEN, fluttering while surrendering vast territories for NO reason whatsoever. Pandit Nehru and MK Gandhi made sure that even its BLOOD (fighting spirit and Will to retaliate) was spilt out completely and only the carcass remained. Nehru and his Dynasty took over the Hindu nation effortlessly after weakening it further in corruption, confusion and chaos.

Hence we see no action or reaction over the most elementary things like safety of Hindus in Srinagar, changing demography in J & K, ban on conversions, ban on Koran that contains the PROVOCATIVE/OFFENSIVE words like "KAFIR", "TABLEEGH" and "JEHAD", expulsion of Muslims to their specially created homeland, Pakistan, and even DISCUSSION ON PARTITION.

The bogus secular Constitution is a trap for the Hindus if they care to notice not one but TWO Islamic constitutions in Pakistan and B.D. In "Broken Bleeding" BHARAT we see NO disgust over THREE cease fire lines, i.e., artificial borders running through the middle of Kashmir, Punjab (Wagah), Bengal and Assam (between Assam and Sylhet district). These CANNOT be permanent borders or frontiers like the one at KHYBER Pass. Isn't Bharat sitting on TIME BOMB? There should be active discussions on the safety and security of the perishing Hindus in South Asia.

Hindus are heading towards another Age of Slavery since the "Action" in 1947 did not produce "REACTION". We have belied even the Law of Nature, "EVERY ACTION HAS EQUAL AND OPPOSITE REACTION!" What REACTION to Partition have we seen so far?