Date: 06/09/2018

If we love our COUNTRY & RELIGION then we need to work for them since there are PREDATORS all round who wish to WIPE OUT Hindus even in Delhi. They did not OUST us from Lahore for fun! Behind that AGGRESSION there was the KORAN filled with ideological HATE against temples, Jews, Christians and the infidels. Hindusthan is, therefore, a RED RAG for the ISLAMIC BULL.

We need to realise that a nation has PERMANENT interests while a man can change his mood by the hour, and a Musalmaan his wife by the season.
India's PERMANENT interest is to UNDO that bogus Partition by which the frontier landed in the middle of "Land of Five Rivers" at Wagah from Khyber. We are so demoralised & shameless that even the BRAVE PUNJABIS do not see it as ISLAMIC BOOT UP theirs!

With defeat and humiliation part of our psyche due to TERRITORIAL surrenders and humiliation suffered over centuries, ours is a despicable third rate rotten nation close to death with no breath left to recover Lahore or North Kashmir. Scientific progress, academic PhDs, and economic wealth are USELESS when the earth is pulled from beneath one's feet. Pakistan is the EARTH PULLED FROM BENEATH OUR FEET IN 1947.

In historic terms Lahore is their STEPPING STONE to Delhi. It is their BRIDGEHEAD to the rest of jelly like secular "Gandhian" Bharat where Shivaji, Bose, Godse and Guru Gobind Singhji are unmentionable, and it is significant to note that on our own territory our own NATIVE religions could be WIPED OUT so easily.

Is that acceptable? The political status of Sri Nankana Sahib is ETERNAL DISGRACE for the Sikhs around the globe and so are the RUINS in Ayodhya for the gutless Hindu nation.

New Constitution must show borders (since Partition) in DOTTED LINES and the Muslims DENIED citizenship rights unless both INDIAN and PAKISTANI Muslims end their HIGH TREASON against the country in which the parents of IMRAN KHAN and the founder of Pakistan himself were born. Only in the cursed Land of Dwarfs (Hindusthan) TREACHERY & TREASON against one's own land of birth pays handsome dividends!

6 Sep 18

PS: Centuries of slavery gave us so much INFERIORITY COMPLEX that adoring, trusting, serving the FOREIGNERS has become the "way of life" of Hindus who take pride in being "nishkam sewaks". This has ruined the gene quality of the Hindu nation in Bharat to an immeasurable extent. Why should an anti Hindu foreigner like Sonia Maino Gandhi be seen within a hundred miles of Lok Sabha unless it is the Sabha of Cattle? Through default Bharat is INVITING the next Era of Eternal Slavery. If there are NO guts to claim Lahore, then there cannot be any motivation left to defend Delhi.