Date: 06/09/2018

Captain Amrinder Singh is the chief minister of East Punjab, a Sikh majority State in Bharat. Next door in West Punjab there is the Sikhs' holy city of Sri Nankana Sahib, the birth place of Guru Nanak Dev ji, founder of Sikh religion.

In 1947 when All-India Muslim League was trying to get maximum land in order to establish Pakistan, no one insisted on Sri Nankana Sahib coming to India due to its sanctity for the Sikhs (and Hindus). Guru ji was an "avatar".

It's a shame to recall that even Baldev Singh, the Sikh member participating in "Partition Talks" did not lodge a protest or boycott the negotiations when he saw that Sri Nankana Sahib was being allotted to Islamic Pakistan. All parties, including All-India Congress Party, agreed that Lahore should go to Pakistan despite its Hindu/Sikh majority but NO special consideration was shown in the case of Sri Nankana Sahib.

That was 1947 when India was being broken up with the approval of our British masters while Pandit Nehru was openly siding with his "brother" Mohammed Ali Jinnah to break up India, but what is stopping the Sikhs today, to realise that Sri Nankana Sahib was allotted to the wrong country and urgently needs special status.

All of us must ask, "Why has chief minister Captain Amrinder Singh not made any approach or request to get Sri Nankana Sahib declared a free and independent city like The Vatican or at least to allow the pilgrims from all over the world to travel there visa free?

Don't we think that our Guru ji and Sri Nankana Sahib deserve better? It is such a shame to compare the upbeat conquering zeal and spirit of the followers of Mohammed of Mecca with the lack of zeal and lack of spirit of the followers of Guru Nanak Devji who feel no shame or embarrassment while humbly and obediently applying for visa to go there.

At one time the town was within the powerful Sikh Kingdom of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. But then the British had not defeated the Khalsa army yet and Pandit Nehru had not conspired to surrender the whole of West Punjab to his "brother" Mohammed Ali Jinnah nor had the government of Nehru's daughter tried to crushed the Sikh spirit by attacking Sri Harmandir Sahib and killing thousands of Sikh youths in fake encounters.

"Come on, Captain Singh, Sir, please show courage and stand up to take up the cause of Sri Nankana Sahib as an independent sovereign city just like Soniaji's VATICAN in Italy. There will be eternal gratitude of the Sikhs worldwide towards you."

7 Sep 18