Date: 08/09/2018


We the millions of hindus displaced from Pakistan (1947), are a betrayed lot.

We were neither given justice by the post partitioned Hindu India
nor by any of the international forums like UN ICJ UNHCR etc.
This is evident the world stands with the mighty, the strong &
powerful. No one supports the weak. Gandhi & Jinnah betrayed us. Successive leadership betrayed us.

Don't the world community now realise that if Hindus could be dragged
out, using well equipped & armed personnel by by Pakistan leadership,
from a very big region of Punjab Sindh & Bengal, then why should a
micro anti national community from srinagar not be thrown out to Pakistan
by Indian Army, and the punjabi sindhi bengali hindus allocated
houses and lands in lieu of the losses of their ancestral houses and
lands left behind in Pakistan?

Also Kashmiri Hindus may honourably return to their ancestral roots if
this region is freed from anti national elements.

Whatever had been happening in post partitioned hindu India, This has
become evident. Jinnah was right . Hindus and Muslims are two
nations They can not co exist.

Sir, Is it possible at this stage that all sindhi punjabi & bengali
hindus unite on a common platform and seek justice.

On Sat, Sep 8, 2018 at 6:09 PM …….. wrote:
> Bhai Sahib, you wrote the truth: "But we were ejected from these territories. This is what we ought to ponder over."
> We, the former REFUGEES, millions upon millions of us, have been pondering over this for the last SEVENTY-ONE years, non stop, day and night. But what has come out of it?
> Should we not AT LAST ask, "Is anyone listening?"
> We have not seen PARTITION mentioned even once in Lok Sabha, as if they, too, are a HEADLESS CHICKEN, who are not only IMPOTENT but SCARED lest there be an aspersion on the immaculate PATRIOTISM of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and "Mahatma" Gandhi!
> After all it were THEY who agreed to surrender one third of India without referendum or imposing a single condition, as if BHARAT MATA was a worthless piece of rag. There were our homes, farms, fields, factories, jobs, wealth, kith and kin, besides our historic temples. What more sacred can be on earth for us than the Janmasthan of Guru Nanak Devji, who in our eyes was the latest "avtar" on earth like Sri Krishna, Sri Ram and Gautam Buddha?
> And where is the Memorial to the Rajput women and girls who committed Johar at Chitod? Where is the Memorial to the Hindus massacred in Noakhali, and thereafter in West Punjab in 1947?
> If there is NONE to feel for the suffering Hindus and none to RELATE to the girls and women who perished in 1947 and if there is NONE to reassure us that Partition will be AVENGED or REVERSED (even EXPLAINED!) and all lands surrendered by NEHRU & GANDHI will be recovered and both of these despicable "rats" declared "TRAITORS" we can safely assume that the Hindu nation has NO Head but we are a mob, a scattered de-linked community who will perish piecemeal but never UNITE to take on the enemy.
> If we now KNOW that the Hindu nation is like a headless chicken, IS THERE ANY CHANCE OF RECOVERING ALL THOSE HOLY PLACES & TEMPLES that are deserted, gathering dust and turning into ruins like the one in Ayodhya that was the world's most magnificent temple till 1526 AD? Indeed, we MUST BE a headless nation (head decapitated) that the Temple has not been reconstructed to original glory since 1947 when there has been neither the British rule nor the draconian Mogul empire overhead. Do we think that a nation that is so scared in peace time can fight a war?
> Hindu nation is still a cowardly scattered lot with a thousand tongues if neither the name "Jawaharlal Nehru University" nor "Indira Gandhi International Airport" have been changed! Aren't we dragging the FILTH OF DIRTY PAST along with us, hoping to reach heaven?
> Esteemed readers will be bored if one was to mention the thousand other instances of cowardice and failures that bring the doom of Partitioned India nearer- Article 370, for example!