Date: 11/09/2018

Thank you for this INVALUABLE piece of history from a patriot's perspective.
Your write up is too precious to put away. I am posting it to www.partitionofindia, and giving widest publicity.
I think all patriots should spend time to go through it from beginning to end. It will be worth it. One hardly ever comes across such a brilliant piece of literature about our Bharat and the Hindu nation.

11 Sep18

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Sri Rama Jayam 9/11/2018

Dear Friends,

Today's anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania mark the day an important part of history of United States. In contrast India suffered much more since her history covers 1000s of years. Accordingly India suffered and endured thousands of 9/11 attacks during the last thousand years.

9/11/2001 Destroyed temple , India

In response to 9/11 attack, US did not stop taking action , it did not take the matter to United Nations. Went half way around the world, overthrew Taliban regime in Afghanistan instead. And many more events continued to follow , including hunting down Osama bin Laden hidden in Pakistan , considered then as 'coalition partner against terrorism'. Hence was getting millions or billions $ of US aid .

Things do change, scales fall down from eyes of even very gullible.

Though it took time, finally US with Donald J Trump as President, cut off aid , military aid especially to Pakistan amounting to $300 million.

In order to raise funds, Pakistan possibly will 'lease' if it has not done already, Gilgit and Baltistan to China to make up the deficit . On these two places Pak has no such power. But that did not stop them from donating occupied Kashmir territory to China to build its roads of invasion. Already China is said to exercise its hegemony on the two regions.

It is ironical. Because departing British did not want these areas in the hands of India, Pakistan is more pliable and maneuverable hence maneuvered using Mountbatten to influence Nehru to declare cease fire when India's troops were advancing and were about to clear the entire Kashmir of invaders, which included Gilgit, Baltistan which were under Maharaja of Kashmir. All the headaches India is now having could have been avoided. The reason British wanted to keep the strategic areas of Gilgit , Baltistan under their control was to keep an eye and ear on China which was going Communist. Now ironically their scheme instead is resulting in quite opposite result, with same China getting more and more entrenched with in territory of 'South Asia' aka India fragmented by Brits.

Mr Gandhi confessed that he committed Himalayan blunders. So also British voiced mea culpa. They said had they known that China will go Communist, they would not have divided India.

September is an eventful month for India as well. While 9/11 became famous or infamous in US, 125 years back the date became endearing for Hindus of India many of whom were made ashamed due to incessant, by clever or not so clever vicious propaganda of missionaries aided and abetted by imperial, colonial power in India. In response on that day Chicago heard the lion roar of Vedanta by Swami Vivekananda , jackals started to flee. Sagging morale of world's ancient nation and people started to raise. It is good that 125th anniversary of Swami's speech to parliament of religions in Chicago was observed and many from India participated. It was on 9/11/1893 Vivekananda addressed the session. His arrival and participation in that assembly were all unplanned, every thing happened by happenstance. But then when there is hand of providence guiding, everything happens according to divine plan.

In recent history also in the month of September , a major part of India , right in the middle, the Deccan or Dakshina Bharath was saved for India rather than become yet another part like West, East or a de facto Pakistan in north. And adding to it , Nizam's Islamic state was taking shape aided by Razakars and their running dogs, Communists of India. Fortunately for India this travesty was nipped in the bud, that too in a matter of few days in September 1948 by inimitable Sardar Patel. Otherwise the matter would still be languishing some where in United Nations with Pakistan and China establishing colonies in Hyderabad now a tech center instead of degenerating into a terrorist hub thanks to liberation of Hyderabad.

Indian troops entered the Nizam's budding state in September 12,1948.

Among many other problems bequeathed to India, had it not been sagacious Sardar, India would have been burdened with yet another Himalayan blunder , or Deccan disaster in 1948. Read on and see how it was averted. Worth recalling and remembering because eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. Many sedatives were administered to people of India with meaningless secularism instead.Otherwise an awakened people would have undone much mischief .

Many of problems India is facing today from Kashmir to N E India are all results of handiwork of international expert inflicted on India in place of native son of soil, Sardar Patel. Mr Nehru was toying with similar ideas along with Mounty , the last viceroy , like taking the matter of Hyderabad to UN while his mentor Gandhi was confabulating with Diwan of Nizam about conducting yet another of his famous experiment with truth with regards to Hyderabad where, Nizam, Razakars and Communists were cleansing out Hindu population. Gandhi's experiments were invariably directed against India from taking any action to protect people of India. This was his record in Khilafat earlier and later in Bengal , Noakhali at the time of direct action , a call given by Jinnah , which the barrister assured will use any and all 'extrajudicial methods' to divide India. Please note that M K Gandhi did not go when attacks on Hindus were raging in Bengal to stop violence, but only after shock treatment was over, when Hindus started organizing resistance to hit back.

In case of Hyderabad liberation in September 1948, many circumstances aided in freeing the hands of Sardar Patel who was home minister as well as deputy prime minister .

Fortunately Nehru was attending a commonwealth conference in London and visiting his friends , Gandhi left this world in Jan 1948. In September 1948 Sardar Patel was acting Prime Minister , he was unfettered as a result. Act he did.

Sardar Vallabhai Patel ordered the Indian Army to march towards Hyderabad on September 12, 1948. It did , marched on Hyderabad in September 17, 1948 without facing any resistance. Even at that late stage, Patel had to face hurdles. Any lesser person would have yielded to the pressure .

Jinnah just died in Pakistan on September 11, 1948. Governor General, Rajagopalachari who took the place of Viceroy Mountbatten, suggested to Patel, as a goodwill gesture to Pakistan, it would be better to postpone going into Hyderabad. Also at about same time Nizam sent a lengthy questionnaire to Govt of India. Bureaucrats burnt the midnight oil, in the morning took their diligently filled answers to Patel.

Remember this was the case also when Mumbai was attacked on 26/11/2008. Instead of India demanding answers, Pakistan sent a long questionnaire to New Delhi. Please note in 2008 there was no Sardar Patel in Delhi, only the 2G run govt with many chamchas , hence all the questions were faithfully answered, do not know how the answers were signed, yours faithfully or obediently as the bureaucrats were doing during earlier British reign.

In 1948 with Patel in charge, the same process elicited an altogether different response from New Delhi.

To the bureaucrats seeking his approval of answers they came up with to the questions of Nizam regime, Patel said, nothing can be done since Indian army already entered and are in Hyderabad ! Well it was called 'police action' then .

In London , Nehru the internationalist was worried and was asking New Delhi as to how he should answer the critics who are questioning Indian attack which the then western press compared to Hitler's invasion of Sudetenland . Only when Indian troops successfully completed their mission, hostilities were over in less than a week, there was sigh of relief in London.

Similarly an year earlier in Sep 24,1947 the mischief of accession of Junagadh to Pakistan was deftly tackled by Patel and Secretary, VP Menon . Junagadh where famous Somanath temple is located , the Nawab whose Dewan was Z A Bhutto's father already acceded to Pakistan. However India insisted on plebiscite since the land is not in juxtaposition with Pakistan .
"A plebiscite was held on 20 February 1948, in which all but 91 out of 190,870 who voted (from an electorate of 201,457) voted to join India, i.e. 99.95% of the population voted to join India.[33]
Douglas Brown of the Daily Telegraph as well as Pakistani newspaper Dawn expressed concerns about the propriety of the plebiscite arrangement. On 26 February, Pakistan termed India's proceeding with the plebiscite a 'discourtesy to Pakistan and the Security Council'.[34]
In the plebiscite India polled 222,184 votes and Pakistan 130 out of a total population of 720,000 of Junagadh and its feudatories.[34]"

There was also earlier suggestion of Mountbatten to take the matter of accession of Junagadh to United Nations. When India took control like mentioned above, Patel was asked about taking the matter to UN. Patel replied the matter went with Mountbatten to London, nothing could be done. Accession was complete. Junagadh is where famous Somanath temple is located. Also this temple was first restored after shifting a mosque on the site by Patel and K M Munshi. This was yet another violation of sacred principle of secularism on which partition and kashmir imbroglio were based on. K M Munshi however was expelled from Congress party of Nehru and Gandhi.

Incidentally the Dewan of deposed nawab, Shah Nawaz Khan was also father of Z A Bhutto who remained citizen of India till 1957. He too shifted to Pakistan where his dynasty held sway for a while, he was hanged, his daughter got killed and their scion has same i q like RahulG, often makes threats against India, declared that he will get every inch of Kashmir under India's occupation , take it to Pakistan.

Couple more anecdotes . A medical officer involved in liberation of Hyderabad told, that most of the prisoners taken by Indian army in Hyderabad liberation were treated by him for broken bones of their arms. Apparently tackling well armed military was different from attacks on unarmed civilians and their women. Kasim Rizvi was the ringleader of Razakars. He used to make ferocious threats and was brutal in leading attacks on Hindu population. But once Indian army liberated Hyderabad and took him as prisoner, he was all full of pleas and prayers to spare him from being beaten, started begging not to hit him. Somehow somewhere strings were pulled, and he was allowed to leave Hyderabad to safe haven of Pakistan.

By the way this year 2018, Sep 12, that is tomorrow corresponds to Ganesh Chaturdhi. So when you offer a flower or fruit to Ganesha, also pray for all the martyrs and patriots who achieved freedom for India, liberated places like Hyderabad and Junagadh in the month of September.

Remember how Ganesh played an important role in mobilizing people for freedom of India under the auspices of sterling patriot and 'father of Indian unrest' Balagangadhar Tilak. When likes of Tilak were in charge of our freedom movement even Jinnah was a nationalist. He defended Tilak in a court case against him by British. Jinnah also , rightly so, opposed M K Gandhi taking up Khilafat and warned Gandhi not to dabble with Islamic fanatics like Mohd Ali, Shaukat Ali.

The same Congress party was altogether different later, after Tilak was gone. It had no place for likes of Subhash Bose even though he was elected democratically. Later similarly democratically chosen Patel as PM was replaced . All the selfless personalities were removed, replaced with chamchas. Since Congress remained ruling party , it resulted in causing turmoil in places of India where there existed none before.

Punjab was considered sword arm of India, Sikhs are considered sword arm of Punjab. During 1965 war, women of Punjab had their stoves right near the front lines to prepare and serve hot Chapathis to fighting sons of India .

It is to the credit of self serving ruling clique to bring ruin, discord and disputes in such Punjab which in turn gave rise to violent separatist movement. Thus we should not underestimate the power of politicians to bring undesirable changes. Chirrapunji in Assam was known as a place of highest rainfall in the world. Yet one time water shortage in that place was reported in headlines of major news paper Hindu ! So my friends was it any surprise India which remained unbroken despite so many invasions, got partitioned under the aegis of such politicians ?

But then nothing is lost forever, least of all partition of a great civilization, culture and nation so also many other ills resulting from earlier Himalayan blunders. Our history is our assurance, Huns, Sakas exist only in history book pages. On this Ganesh Chaturdhi let us pray for well being of all of humanity , our family. Vasudaika Kutumbam. Ours is an all inclusive civilization and culture, Samskruthi which is in ascendancy now.

Best wishes,
GV Chelvapilla