Date: 24/09/2018

Islam is Not a religion, it is a cult - followed now by brain-washed more than billion people. This is what a cult does - no meaningful discussion, whatever handed over to you, just follow like the sheep, going over a cliff!

1. Quran (in Arabic) can not be read by 80% of world's Muslims, including Pakis.

2. So, few thousand half-literate Mullahs translate for them, with their own interpretations.That scum Zakir Naik did it in India, quite successfully.

3. Muslims are the most foolish people walking on the planet, wearing black veils in deserts or tropical countries like Malaysia, Indonesia or India!

4. They fail to forget an event which has happened 1200 yrs ago (killing of Mohamed's son-in-law and his two sons), - by Shais. However, they expect Hindus to easily forget all
the massive atrocities committed by Muslims, just 500 yrs back! talk of Double standards.

5. Even Japan has forgiven Americans for dropping Two atomic bombs on two cities, causing millions of casualties!

Allah gave oil to Muslims, but in return, took away their brains!