A Deadly Terror Plot Is Unfolding

Date: 24/09/2018

The following will be a good book to read - written by then Police Commissioner of New York - when 9/11 happened. How did FBI put together everything, including corruption in
high places, sex & lack of co-ordination in various agencies.

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A Deadly Terror Plot Is Unfolding…

Can NYC Police Commissioner Rick Raymond Stop It Before It’s Too Late?
It was the shock felt ’round the world. Nearly 3,000 people dead at the hands of terrorists on American soil. Bernard Kerik was New York City’s 40th police commissioner during those deadly attacks on September 11, 2001.

Despite the monumental horror that unfolded before him at Ground Zero, Kerik was a model of courage and bravery for the world.

In his fiction debut, The Grave Above the Grave, Kerik unearths another looming threat to attack America by radical Islamic terrorists…

Rick Raymond has stared terrorism in the face… felt its icy grip nearly choke the last breath out of him, leaving a river of blood behind.

New York City’s top cop knows these sinister monsters will stop at nothing in the name of their demented beliefs.

Memories of his wife and fellow officers dying at the hands of terrorists on September 11 are still raw years later.

Now two cops are shot in New York City’s bustling Times Square, one dead and one clinging to life. Witnesses report hearing the shooter shout, “Allahu Akbar” — God is great!” as a hail of gunfire rains down on the two victims.

More than a cop-killing, it’s the start of a deadly terrorist attack about to devastate New York City. It’s a race against the clock, time is running out.

Police Commissioner Rick Raymond must stop it despite being caught in the middle of a grand jury investigation mired in politics, corruption, sex, and lies.

Soon the hunt for the radical Islamic terrorists turns personal and Raymond becomes even more steadfast in his plan to stop their savage plot… even when it deals a devastating and shocking blow to his life.

But will politics in the mayor’s office, a snoopy, know-it-all reporter, and a secret, steamy affair with the gorgeous D.A. interfere with foiling the terror plot? Not if Rick Raymond, NYC police commissioner, has his way.

The Grave Above the Grave will have you on the edge of your seat, tearing through the pages, unable to put it down. A suspense-packed thriller, this blockbuster new book delivers high-stakes thrills and spine-tingling moments at every turn.

The Grave Above the Grave tells a gripping story of how the next 9/11 may happen… and how New York, along with all of America, is vulnerable to a new wave of high-tech jihadists who want to destroy us.

Kerik reveals how the police and the FBI really work… and this powerful fictional tale allows him to tell stories that could never be printed.

Newsmax calls The Grave Above the Grave “the best thriller of the year.”
Even bestselling thriller novelist Brad Thor says it’s a “gritty, intense, and powerfully written thriller!”

Thor adds: “The Grave Above the Grave is the perfect mix of cops, corruption, and calculating terrorists. Bernie Kerik has scored an absolute home run!”

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