Date: 20/05/2013

Indeed Mc Caulay's policies have caused enough damage to Hinduism and the rich heritage of India, with people opting for English education learning European and British History for many generations and not Indian History.

However much more damage has been done after independence by the distorted history taught in the schools till date, eulogising Aurangzeb and Moghul emperors and omitting all the massacres, destruction and looting of thouands of temples and forcible conversion of Hindus. The IHRO headed by Nurul Hasan and having leftist members esp. from JNU are responsible for the writing of such distorted history and text books prepared under Govt. directives throughout India.

Some attempts were made by Murli Manohar Joshi to rectify these distortions, but Arjun Singh reversed the emtire trend by what he called "detoxifying" the text books!! Hindu leaders are responsible for destroying Hindu heritage.

To add to these worsening situations Nehruvian historians like Romila Thapar or Angana Chatterjee and others have been recognised as authorities to interpret Indian History, but disproved as outright distortions by several experts like Kalavai Venkat. So long as Italian pseudo secular rule continues with sycophants surrounding her and the Govt. dominated and controlled by Muslims and Christians adopt destructive poliies against Hindu-s, the Country would further slide to anarchy and conversion sprees would continue unabated.