Date: 08/10/2018

The Truth blares out like the mid day sun when the clouds are blown away. Shastrjii had to be "eliminated" in order to make way for Nehru Dynasty and also for eliminating the honest and patriotic Hindu when Bharat had been firmly in the grip of Congress Mafia since 1947. After Nehru's death it was unbearable for his arrogant and ambitious daughter to lose the lucrative "throne" of India. Please see what Wikipedia says about his death:

Shastri's sudden death has led to persistent conspiracy theories that he was poisoned by Indira Gandhi so that she could easily become the next PM of India. She knew that if Shastri survived she will not be able to become PM for several years as he was very popular among the masses. She didn't even allow a post mortem of Shastri as she was afraid that her conspiracy will be revealed.[24] The first inquiry into his death, conducted by the Raj Narain Inquiry, as it came to be known, however did not come up with any conclusions, and today no record of this inquiry exists with the Indian Parliament's library.[25] It was alleged that no post-mortem was done on Shastri, but the Indian government in 2009, claimed it did have a report of a medical investigation conducted by Shastri's doctor and some Russian doctors. Furthermore, the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) revealed that there was no record of any destruction or loss of documents in the PMO having a bearing on Shastri's death.[24] It was maintained that Shastri had died of cardiac arrest but his family insisted he was poisoned.[26]

The finger of suspicion is clearly pointed at MAIMOONA BEGUM (aka Indira Gandhi) who was keen to get Nehru's Indian colony back as soon as possible under her own autocratic rule.
WHY? Here is the explanation: Like Nehru, her daughter, too, was afraid that Mr Shastri, a patriot and a man of courage, could order an enquiry on that BOGUS Partition of India in 1947, and expose the treacherous role of Pandit NEHRU!

We wish Government of India and the Lok Sabha to re-open the case of Shastriji's death immediately, and tell the nation the TRUTH, nothing but the TRUTH about his mysterious death. There is ANOTHER "DEATH" about which the timid, servile and ignorant Hindu nation wants to know the truth. And that is the "death" of Akhand Bharat in 1947. One day the frontier was at Khyber Pass. The next day it fell to Wagah! ARE THE PEOPLE NOT ENTITLED TO KNOW THE NAMES OF THE TRAITORS?

it seem that the Russians used a poison of the same kind to kill Shastriji that they used recently in England to kill former Russian dissidents.( We see how British government and MEDIA have reacted to the murders and exposed the killers while we see Government of India has "closed" the case like another disgusting event, the unconditional territorial surrenders of 1947.