Date: 13/10/2018

Governments of India, particularly Nehru and his "dirty" Dynasty, have done incalculable harm to the country by totally ignoring Partition. Hence hardly anyone will recall today, least of all Gen Shah, that just before Partition the students of Aligarh Muslim University went out, or were sent out, to all parts of India to mobilise Muslim opinion in favour of Partition (Pakistan). The result was big noisy pro Pakistan processions and demonstrations taken out in large towns and cities in favour of Pakistan. Hindus, even in Delhi, remained mere spectators and inactive, unable to gather for counter demonstrations or even in support of Akhand Bharat!

The pre-Partition generation of Hindus must know this act of treachery by Aligarh Muslim University. Gen Shah and ex VC Mr Ansari ought to tender an apology to the nation for that misdeed (High Treason) of AMU and tell the world as to what the University IN PARTICULAR, and the Muslims in Partitioned India, IN GENERAL, have done since 1947 to "dissolve" the rebellious separatist intolerant Islamic Pakistan where the Hindus were ethnically cleansed, that is, reduced from 50% at places (75% in Lahore!) to ZERO per cent within weeks.

Please note the pre Partition Hindu populations in Noakhali and Lahore in 1946 and the Muslim populations in Delhi and Mumbai, also in 1946. Now COMPARE the two today! Why do we find Hindus/Sikhs in the former places close to zero, while the LATTER (Muslims) in the latter places more than double that number today?

What do we learn and what are the implications for the secular, democratic & civilized world in the future?

If Mr Mohammed Ali Jinnah is a typical Muslim citizen in a civilized democratic and secular country then what impression did he convey to the whole world regarding a MUSLIM'S patriotism and LOYALTY TO HIS OWN COUNTRY OF BIRTH when he demanded "SEPARATIST ISLAMIC PAKISTAN AND DEATH TO SECULAR, TOLERANT, CIVILIZED & MULTI-CULTURAL UNITED INDIA?"