First Independence of United India on October 21, 1943

Date: 27/10/2018

Re: First Independence of United India on October 21, 1943

EXCELLENT NEWS. Congratulations to every patriot who believes in "AKHAND BHARAT" (with frontier at Khyber) of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.

Netaji would NEVER have been the "rat" like JL NEHRU to accept truncated India and then called it "Independence"!

It will be brave, patriotic and honourable to DUMP the day of INGLORIOUS, DISGUSTING, HUMILIATING, SHAMEFUL & DEGRADING PARTITION (when the frontier came down to Wagah in the middle of our proud Punjab of Sri Rama and his two sons- Luv and Kush!) on August 15 every year being called the "Independence Day".

The nation ought to ASSERT themselves to tell the rulers of Bharat that "The most HUMILIATING day in the entire history of India when Karachi, Lahore, Khyber, Dhaka and Chittagong vanished from the MAP OF INDIA overnight- along with the Hindus and Sikhs living there in, without challenge, without reason and without CONDITION, cannot be called "Independence" Day.

Desh ke logon ki aankhon main dhool (mattee) matt daalo!

27 Oct 18
PS: Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru never considered India "Bharat Mata" (his motherland)!
For him she was the legal and legitimate realm of the Moguls, snatched by the British invaders who were about to return her to the former Hindu slaves!
Hence he never opposed the vast territorial surrenders that promptly and easily "went for a song!" His CONTEMPT for the Hindus, the majority community, and Hindusthan, beggars belief.
Nehru regarded the new ludicrous and ridiculous borders of India, SLICING through Bengal, Kashmir and Punjab, as his greatest achievement in the service of Islam.