Date: 27/10/2018

Two things are necessary to avoid another Partition. Hindu nation has NO cast iron guarantee of survival in the "Rest" of India unless we take some active steps like-

1. Remind the nation of PARTITION with the regularity of having breakfast DAILY.

2. Eliminate NEHRU from sight and mind for his treacherous role as seen in the following lines:

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru never considered India "Bharat Mata" (his motherland). He, being the son of a Muslim, "related" more to the Muslims than the Hindus. For him Hindusthan was the legal and legitimate realm of the Moguls, snatched by the British invaders who were about to return her to the former Hindu slaves! He was aghast. (Soon afterwards he "saved" North Kashmir for Pakistan by ordering cease-fire when full recovery was only days away!)

Hence Nehru never opposed the vast territorial surrenders that promptly and easily "went for a song!" His CONTEMPT for the Hindus, the majority community, and Hindusthan, beggars belief.
Nehru regarded the new ludicrous and ridiculous borders of India, SLICING through Bengal, Kashmir and Punjab, and providing constitutional safeguards for Muslims in PARTITIONED India, as his greatest achievements in the service of Islam.