Date: 05/11/2018


31 October (Hallowe'en) every year will be DUSSEHRA in East Punjab when the effigy of Indira Gandhi (Maimoona Begum, or MRS. FEROZE KHAN) will replace that of Ravan.

Each Sikh boy or man killed by Indian police or army and the wild lawless mobs in 1984 was equal to 125,000 HINDU "sheep, goats and jackals" who could not defend Lahore, Karachi, SRI NANKANA SAHIB, East Bengal & North Kashmir in 1947 but then targeted and killed the Sikhs in 1984 to look brave- the most despicable and dishonorable "majority community" on earth THAT ARE STILL THE "JACLALS" THAT GURU GOBIND SINGH JI TRIED TO TURN INTO "LIONS"!

This should be widely circulated.

5 Nov 18
PS: The "Sikh Dussehra" should cease when Hindusthan (BHARAT) musters guts to take the frontier back to KHYBER from WAGAH.
-Esteemed reader in the USA.