Date: 18/11/2018


WE stated that 10,000 year old HINDU CIVILISATION is now dying (vanishing) in South Asia. A very serious, even scaremongering, statement!

What are the indications? What is the proof? What are the nails in its coffin?


1. Mohammed Bin Qasim was not chased back to Mecca in 712 A.D.

2. The next invader in 1192 was not chased back to Turkey.

3. Ayodhya Temple has not been re-built since 1526 AD. National Will is nil.

4. None of the MUSLIM (Mogul) emperors was assassinate by a Hindu patriot though some of them were extremely cruel and brutal. One even demanded that virgin Rajput princesses be delivered to his harem one every six months! Never did their escort, brother or father, pull out the dagger and kill the lecher "His Majesty"!

5. No retaliation took place to avenge the massacres in Malabar (1920's) and Noakhali (1946).

6. Partition, naked aggression, was not opposed tooth and nail.

7. No serious objection was raised to Nehru's Constitution that erased the word "Hindu" and substituted it with "SECULAR"!
8. Regarding that "cease fire" in Kashmir as permanent border is another nail in the coffin of Hindu civilisation.

9. Tolerating new ridiculous, illogical, degrading and provocative borders, slicing through Bengal, Kashmir and Punjab.

10. Keeping the MUSLIMS ("indigestible Second nation") back in Partitioned India despite conceding ISLAMIC Pakistan to them!

11. The most shameful and despicable fact that MORE Hindus (natives) show loyalty and love to ITALIAN BORN Sonia Maino Gandhi that to Gita and Granth.

12. Weak and "dying" Hindusthan could not assure safety to the Indians living in UGANDA and FIJI, nor even in SRI LANKA where Tamils of INDIAN origin were wiped out by the Sri Lankan government with "dying" Hindusthan merely watching.

13. Hindus have denied all respect and power to their own SHANKARACHARYAS while envying the might and hold of the POPE over his followers.

14. Hindus were forced to ACCEPT Partition and then "KILLED". There is not even the slightest wish or idea to take the frontier back to KHYBER.

15. The Hindu nation has tolerated an anti national Constitution that equates the FOE with the FRIEND ("Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai") despite the UNRESOLVED Partition and the ongoing illegal and immoral occupation of vast territories by the hostile "Second Nation".

16. The Sikhs, once a mighty powerful FORCE to reckon with, never passed a Resolution, or approached the Government of ISLAMIC Pakistan to declare Sri Nankana Sahib an independent City State like The Vatican. They are SHAMELESSLY reconciled to its downgraded status while "Khanda Chakra", Christian Cross, Star of David or Swastika on Bhagwa flying over Mecca is beyond the whole world's imagination.

17. Partition, the unconditional surrender of ONE THIRD of India, the massacres of some TWO MILLION Hindus in 1947 alone and the FORCED exodus of 15 million Hindus and Sikhs is a NON EVENT for the ruling establishment in India.

18. There has never been a post mortem of Partition to examine the role of Gandhi and Nehru played as our top spokespersons at those Partition Talks. They went to negotiate Independence but shamelessly returned with PARTITION, and yet never taken to task. Reason: Hindu civilisation is dying!

19. The unconditional surrender of India was accepted in toto WITHOUT REFERENDUM and without any CONDITION- something only a DEAD CIVILISATION would do!

20. There is NO memorial to the millions massacred as the price paid by our treacherous leaders, nor one to honour the memory of thousands of women and girls abducted and raped at Partition. If we were to feel ASHAMED over the brutal treatment of all the women and girls abducted and raped since the arrival of
Islam in India, the number will run into MILLIONS. Yet no memorial to honour their memory anywhere!

21. Hindus, the majority community, FEAR for life and daughters all over Bharat, especially in Kashmir, West Bengal and Kerala.

22. Many terrified Hindus actually OPPOSE the construction of the grand national temple in Ayodhya as well as the new Constitution for "HINDU RASHTRA" to ensure their very survival on earth.

Surely many patriots are still alive with long memory and can add a few more "NAILS TO THE COFFIN OF HINDU CIVILISATION" and encourage and motivate us to STAND UP AND BE COUNTED in order to rejuvenate the dying Hindu civilisation. Otherwise our children or grandchildren will see its funeral pyres while we ourselves continue to be a defeated nation.