Date: 18/11/2018

"When character is lost everything is lost!"

One can suggest another virtue that is as precious as character. It is PATRIOTISM. When both merge and enter the collective BRAIN of a nation, it becomes LETHAL.

In a LIVING THRIVING nation action follows discovery. In a DEAD nation NOTHING happens despite all the discoveries and findings and any number of new revelations.

Take for example Pandit JAWAHARLAL NEHRU. Is there any doubt that both he and MK Gandhi could have PREVENTED Partition, had they put their foot down, or had one of them threatened to "go on fast unto death," or had the other read out the CONDITIONS of Partition to the GUJERAT-born Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the barrister who single-handedly made FIVE Hindu barristers eat the dust of defeat. (Don't forget that besides barristers-at-law Gandhi and Nehru there were also several other barristers like Sardar Patel and senior lawyers like C. Rajagopalachari). They stood aside like neutral bystanders when Jinnah talked of fragmenting (mutilating) India!

But having realised that both Gandhi and NEHRU acted as TRAITORS, one would have assumed that their names would become UNMENTIONABLE in "Broken" Bharat like that of Adolf Hitler in defeated Germany.

What a pity that every NRI that goes through Bharat comes across, or goes past, Gandhi's statues, JL Nehru University and literally HUNDREDS of roads, schools, tournaments, parks and even institutions bearing their "obsolete rubbish" names!

To top it all the current prime minister never mentions "Partition", thus reducing the 15 millions of former refugees from Pakistan, and our two million dead of 1947, to ZERO.

When will character and patriotism emerge from the soil of Bharat? When will the ideological CLEAN UP begin? People will stop hearing "rape" and start hearing "Akhand Bharat"!