Date: 20/11/2018


In Partitioned secular India the ultimate defence of the country rests NOT with those who follow MK Gandhi and have no memory of the unconditional surrender of Lahore, Multan, Dhaka and Chittagong in 1947 but with the Chiefs of Staff of Army, Navy and Air Force who have under their command highly trained and motivated men & women ready to fight and KILL if required. The name “Gandhi” is taboo. But if we THINK of “defence” seriously we become aware that it is not only LAND that is to be defended. It is also the spiritual FAITH, RELIGION or BELIEF of the people, that to many is dearer than their lives.

Here is an imaginary interview with the Chief of Army Staff in New Delhi:
“General, you will bravely defend Wagah, Akhnoor and Rann of Kutch if Pakistan invades again but who is meant to defend our native Hindu RELIGION if the maulvis and missionaries redouble their fervour to convert the remaining demoralised Hindus, too?”

The General replied, “We are a secular country and defending any particular religion against the onslaught of the others has NOTHING to do with our job!”

We immediately saw the Hindu hands tied behind our backs but the FOREIGNERS free to send even more missionaries and maulvis to intensify their “TABLEEGH”! The more the Hindus desert Sri Rama, Sri Krishna and Guru Nanak, the more the zeal and fervour of the missionaries and the maulvis to bring the rest to the feet of Mohammed of Mecca!

Statistics in the last 71 years since Partition clearly show that the number of Hindus embracing Islam and Christianity running into MILLIONS while the most vigorous Hindu campaign of “Ghar Wapsi” crashed like the plane that lost both engines! We can weep, comparing a so-called Shankaracharya with the Pope in his sovereign Vatican having direct influence across the globe!

Furthermore, please recall the SOLE reason of India’s crushing defeat in 1947 when she escaped final doom only by surrendering FIVE provinces to the Indian Muslims.

Babur, Aurangzeb and Tipu Sultan had been successful in their zeal and fanaticism to convert countless Hindus forcibly to Islam. Hindus had neither a collective Head nor a Defender.
This brings us to the CONCLUSION that these Chiefs must also be entrusted in defending something else besides LAND.

What is that “something else”? It is that what was missing in Western and Eastern India in 1947 that led to instant territorial surrenders to our eternal shame.

Our ancestors had FAILED to defend RELIGION. How could they, if they had been wretched SLAVES since 1192 when Delhi fell to Turks?

Partition was a rude and shocking eye opener. “Fatherless” Hindus on one side and the bigoted Muslims, like the KAURAVAS at Kurukshetra, on the opposite side. That was all the criterion used to break up our land of ancient civilisation and immense wisdom after World War 2, fought for democracy and secularism. Majority community in India had the awareness of the CATTLE and the country PERISHED.

What is the state of awareness of the majority community in Bharat today given that we have had more than SEVEN DECADES to correct our belief & thought system at national level?

If we wish to avoid another terrible historic defeat like “Partition” then the new CONSTITUTION must lay down the ADDITIONAL responsibility of the three CHIEFS OF STAFF to defend the NATIVE religions, too, besides LAND & SEA. The title “Defender of land & FAITH” will not be amiss for the simple reason that if the “Kafir killer” enemy’s “Tableegh” succeeds even the Chiefs will be seen packing up fast like all those Chiefs in Lahore!