Date: 20/11/2018

Mr Subramanian Swamy has asked all Hindus to change their MINDSET.

At present it seems that (collectively speaking) all Hindus are like an old car whose gear is STUCK in No. 1. It is nothing but an invitation to CIVIL WAR.

Here is the first Law of Ideology:
Peace and prosperity in a country depend upon its MAJORITY COMMUNITY dominating their territory in a virile and manly manner.

Guru Gobind Singhji commended the ideal MINDSET when he declared openly and in public, "SAWA LAKH SE EK LADAAOON..!" His followers went out to fight the tyrant Muslim rulers like one Sikh taking on & vanquishing 125,000 of the enemy.

THAT SPIRIT IS NEEDED TODAY if we wish to have our AKHAND BHARAT back, and if we wish to see the FRONTIER move from WAGAH back to KHYBER PASS.

Otherwise even this PARTITIONED India may be lost accompanied by widespread MASSACRES & rape of Hindus if they continue to live as today! Or, if they do as Gandhi wanted them to do!".