Date: 20/11/2018

To the list of betrayals of armed forces can be added FAILURE to capture North Kashmir after defeating Pakistan in battlefield. Similarly her father had to be hanged to death twice over for surrendering one third of India to the ENEMY unconditionally.

All foreign invaders and enemies within and without Bharat had a field day to loot, degrade, kill and rape the NATIVES (read Hindus) because the natives were, and are, too accommodating, appeasing, grovelling, spineless, divided and demoralised. Now that we know the weaknesses, it is time to locate some patriotic Hindu leaders and then entrust them with the task of writing up a Constitution for HINDU RASHTRA in which Article 1 will contain the aspiration to undo that bogus Partition and aim for AKHAND BHARAT.

The ludicrous border must be shifted from Wagah back to Khyber if the Hindus wish to survive in South Asia. Otherwise our fate on the Land of our Origin will be the same as the fate of the NATIVE AMERICANS and the NATIVE AUSTRALIANS.

This dreadful prospect must be publicised widely and fearlessly.