Date: 22/11/2018


1. It is resolved that Partition of India ought to be re-negotiated not only to confer legitimacy on the separatist Islamic Republic of Pakistan but also on the constitutional status of the Muslims who did not move over to Pakistan but stayed back in Partitioned (Hindu) India.

2. It is resolved that the State of Jammu & Kashmir be integrated in Bharat like all the other States. Its separate status has denied the people of Bharat the right to buy any property there and thus encouraged Islamic separatism, militancy and terrorism.
As a result the Hindus in Kashmir were either killed or forced to flee as refugees in their own country.

3. It is resolved that a suitable Memorial be built to commemorate the TWO MILLION innocent Hindus and Sikhs who were massacred by their Muslim fellow citizens at Partition (1947) and millions more who were forced to flee for life, leaving homes, lands, businesses and jobs behind.

4. It is resolved that a suitable Memorial be built to honour the women and girls who were particularly targeted by the Muslim invaders and, later, the Mogul rulers of India, especially when so many were forced to commit Jauhar (self immolation) to save their honour from the Muslim attackers.

5. It is resolved that a Hindu Holocaust Museum be built on the lines of Jewish Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem to remind the coming generations of the massacres and indignities suffered by our ancestors during the centuries of slavery under foreigners.

6. Noticing the wide spread scourge of “mixed marriages”, invariably between a Muslim groom and a Hindu bride, it is resolved that in case of all “mixed” marriages, particularly in the case of “love Jehad”, the Muslim groom will embrace the religion of his Hindu (i.e., non Muslim) bride. Otherwise the marriage will be declared void and the groom sentenced to at least one year imprisonment in jail.

7. It is resolved to approach the Parliament in New Delhi to define the constitutional status of the Muslims in post Partition Bharat after they were given their own separate exclusive homeland, Pakistan, at the cost of Bharat.

8. It is resolved that United Nations be approached to declare all ISLAMIC Republics illegal since their Constitutions violate the UN Charter of Human Rights that declares all men (and women) EQUAL before Law. Under an Islamic Constitution the Non Muslims are, at best, only second class citizens.

9. It is resolved that in view of their despicable anti national role at Independence Talks which soon degenerated into Partition Talks, the names “Gandhi” and “Nehru” be immediately replaced by the names of genuine heroes of our Hindu nation, of whom there is no dearth, from all institutions, roads, parks, schools, townships and so on.
Honorable attendees may add some more Resolutions that will be seen as “historic”.

29 Sep 2018

PS: We know now as to how KASHMIR became “disputed” just days after Partition. Here is the explanation:

Having signed the unconditional surrender of ONE THIRD of India to his ideological brother Mohammed Ali Jinnah, traitor Jawaharlal Nehru got jitters. He feared the assassin’s bullet any moment.

In order to divert the attention of the Hindus he suggested to Jinnah to send invaders to Kashmir so he (Nehru) could yell and shout, “KASHMIR BACHAO!”

The Hindus, ignorant and submissive as they were at the time, immediately took up the chant, “Kashmir bachaao!” instead of “Karachi, Lahore, Khyber, Gilgit, Dhaka and Chittagong bachaao!”
THUS ESCAPED CLEVER BARRISTER JAWAHARLAL NEHRU HIS DEATH THAT BEFELL HITLER (30 April 1945), MUSSOLINI (28 April 1945) AND CEAUSESCU (25 December 1989). Nehru died, not by assassin’s bullet but by STD (sexually transmitted disease) on 27 May 1964

None could be more ignorant, servile or stupid on earth than the Hindus (and Sikhs) who honored, adored and served Nehru, the uncrowned Emperor, till his death despite his hatred of Hindus and Hindusthan!