Date: 22/11/2018


It is a timely call given by the patriot and needs to be passed on to maximum addresses.

Hindu girls whom we call "devis" are not "game" but must be treated with respect. But their sad fate is directly due to lack of manhood, honour and even patriotism of the Hindu men. We could not "gherao" and kill the first filthy "MOHAMMED" bin Qassim, who sent the daughters of the defeated Hindu ruler of Sindh to Baghdad and Mecca respectively as his gifts!

Neither the Caliph of Baghdad nor the Chief Imam of Mecca sent them back to their parents with a warning to Bin Qasim, "You should have treated these girls like the daughters of Prophet Mohammed": or even, "like your own daughters!" NO! Instead, there was rejoicing at the fate of the captive Hindu girls. That MOHAMMEDAN tradition continued when the vanquished Rajputs were forced to send their daughters to Emperor Akbar and later by all the invaders who, while returning to Kabul with thousands of captive Hindu females had to deal with the bands of Sikh warriors who rescued the girls and conveyed them back safely to their parents. Has anyone in the Lok Sabha (of COWARDS) ever mentioned those girls and women, or their rescuers, or even PARTITION?

After PARTITION anti Hindu prime minister Nehru, "the lecher", saw the IMMORALITY flourish everywhere, especially in Bollywood where the Khans had "great" time with the Hindu females dreaming of bright film career! The brutal rape and murder of a Hindu girl, NIRBHAYA, (16 Dec 2012), exposed the corrupt rule of Dynasty + Congress to the world when according to world media "a girl was raped in India every 14 minutes!"

And when a TOP leader like MK Gandhi abuses young girls every night, it is time to wake up and retaliate. First and foremost we have identified the UNIVERSAL predators, the MOHAMMEDANS. Look at the "mixed" marriages and spot a NON Muslim bridegroom marrying a Muslim female and then seen alive after three days! Look at the fate of the YAZIDI girls and women. The whole world ought to despise the "Islamic State" (Daesh) that claimed to follow the Koran and Prophet Mohammed literally in capturing, enslaving, raping and then selling the captive girls and women! (One of them, NADIA MURAD, did ESCAPE to tell the tale.

SHAME ON LOK SABHA (of "CATTLE" for accepting the territorial surrenders of 1947 unconditionally!) FOR NOT INVITING AND HONOURING NADIA MURAD!

Since girls and women are the honour of a nation, there should be safeguards by Constitution. Those who molest or rape ought to face exemplary punishment to act as a deterrent.

ALL STATUES OF MK GANDHI ACROSS THE WORLD SHOULD BE COVERED IN BLACK PAINT with the script underneath, "Virginity tester rascal". The so-called "Father of Nation" ought to have set the highest moral standards with regard to respecting the girls, and opposed that bogus "Partition" by going on fast until death.

He (MK Gandhi) was NO hero. He was NO patriot. He was NO Hindu. He was NO man. When he collapsed one third of India vanished from maps and two million Hindus (and Sikhs) lost their lives and countless girls and women were abducted and raped following the tradition set by MOHAMMED bin Qasim in 712 AD and by Daesh in 2014.